Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 6th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Omkar plans Tara’s kidnapping with Megha’s help to expose Mayurath – Telly Updates

April 6, 2021 Written Part of Pinjra Khusurati, Written Update on

The episode begins with Mayura informing Shankar and leaving. Manjari asked Omkar to pay the ransom and take his daughter. Megha comes home and asks Akhilesh why he is in trouble. Mayura comes there and tells Akhilesh not to hide and says Di knows everything. Megha asked why are you looking at me? “I don’t know if you’ll stand down and say she won’t leave anyone between you and your daughter,” Mayura says. Megha asks what are you saying? Mayura said Megha wanted Rs 40 lakh and that is why she kidnapped her daughter. Megha says I demanded money from you because Sanjay’s investment was reduced and I am pregnant. She says I asked you to pay the money to the lender. Grandma asks why didn’t you tell me? Megha says the amount is not low. The inspector found the location and told Omkar. Shankar called Mayura and told her that Omkar had brought Nisha’s parents here and it seems that nurse Nayan had abducted Tara. Mayura tells Akhilesh that she has to go as Omkar is suspicious of her.

Omkar tells the inspector that Tara has not been found and asks him to interrogate them. Nisha’s parents say they don’t know about Tara. Mayura came there as a nurse and told her to go home, as she got a call from a neighbor that the police had come to her house. She says that when she got there, they realized they had been taken away. The inspector asks the constable to interrogate him. Omkar showed Nayan an arrest warrant. Akhilesh was worried. Mayura told the inspector that she had not been abducted. Omkar says you needed money. Mayura says some people also love their jobs and those who need money don’t kidnap. Manjari asked the inspector to take her. Mayura said she did not kidnap Tara. Omkar told the inspector to do anything and told her parents to tell the truth. Mayura tells Omkar that she did nothing. Omkar says greed can do anything to anyone. Mayura said she’s not greedy and she’s only worried about her. She heard Nisha’s parents being beaten. Omkar tells her to tell the truth. Mayura said she couldn’t damage the star because she was her mother. Manzoor says Mayura is her mother. Mayura removes her glasses and washes her face. Seeing Mayura as Nayan, Omkar and the cat were shocked. Mayura said Tara is my daughter, I am her mother… I did not kidnap my daughter. Omkar says that I doubted that there was any connection between the two of you, but I did not think that you were Ms. Nayan. A neighbor came to Akhilesh’s house and said that someone had thrown the girl out. Akhilesh takes Tara inside. The star acquires consciousness. Akhilesh hugged him.

The inspector asked Omkar if she was OK. Omkar says yes, she is my wife whom I left alone. Mayura told the inspectors to release Nisha’s parents. Omkar applauded and told Mayura that she was sure she had hidden the star in her house. She tells the inspector that she will be at her house. She says you wanted to keep my daughter away from me, but I won’t let that happen. Mayura tells him to stop talking nonsense and says I didn’t keep you away from my daughter, but you kept me away from her. Manjari tells her to leave the boy. Mayura said I will never forgive you if something happens to my daughter. Only then does Akhilesh call Mayura. Manjari picked up the phone. Akhilesh says Tara is in his house. They go there. Tara saw Omkar and Mayura and called the later ones Pari Maa. Omkar took Tara on his lap. Tara says that the fairy Mane told her to hide and an uncle gave her chocolates and went to sleep, when she woke up she came here and met Nana ji, Par Nani etc. Mayura says this is Omkar’s trick, he sent her here. Omkar says that we will file a case against her but first he will take his daughter away from here. Mayura said you can’t keep my daughter away from me. Omkar says she is mentally unwell and asks inspectors to look at her report. He takes the star from there. Mayura shouted, “My daughter, Tara.” Megha told Mayura not to worry and she has spoken to her lawyer friend and he will come up with some solution. Mayura hugged Megha and apologized to her. Megha forgave her. Mayura hugs her and congratulates her on her pregnancy. Megha says I meet my friend and ask her not to worry. Mayura says we’ll arrange the money, don’t worry. She prays to God and asks me what to do, how to get to my daughter, show me some way. Lawyers come there and say that Omkar ji has sent a court notice for you. Mayura reads the notice and tells Akhilesh that I have to stay away from Tara otherwise I will have to face the law. She gets into the auto and sees Omkar thanking someone for Mayura’s plan and her abduction. He says that now Mayura is a criminal and no child can be safe from such a criminal. She then saw Megha who helped kidnap Omkar and also revealed her truth. She is shocked.

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Update credit to: H Hassan