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The episode begins with Pledge asking the gentleman why he picked up the gun. Krishna says that he must have killed Balwant and to save Shakti, a gun was made to protect the family. She says the law has been made to protect the people, what would happen if he shot Balwant, Baba has changed and now he should not do it again. He asks that we see the power being beaten. The gentleman says the promise is right. Shakti says you promised Balwant. He argues. She asked Shakti to tell her about Kercheff. Krishna says that he did not do that, that’s all. Shakti wonders why Krishna is my support against his wife? Argument of Krishna and Promises. The promise will get justice and the case will be won, says Sajjan.

Balwant’s wife slapped Bhola’s wife. Balwant and Bhola come home. Balwant’s wife makes the bottle fall down. She says I have heard that power is a murderer, you soon believe in wisdom. He puts his foot on the bottle. She says she has ridiculed your faith, have you stopped for Shakti to be arrested or for your child to get justice? He says I don’t need your advice. He pushes her away. He says Balwant’s son is dead, I have lost my respect, you have spoken too much in front of me, I will kill you, don’t give me a lecture first. He leaves her. Balwant says I know what to do, if Pragya is doing this to save her family, I will burn her.

The action sees the gun with the gentleman. She gets restless and walks away. The gentleman says sorry, I couldn’t control myself. Pratigi said I will go and meet her. She asked Kriti to open the call. She got a call from Summer’s school. She said I would come to school tomorrow.

She goes to ask Samar. She asked what you did, the complaint came again. The gentleman tells Samar that he has done something wrong, accept the marriage. Pratigiya does not hide the mistake. Shakti says he is my son, I will take care of him. Kesar says Pragya has handled her school work, she is thinking for the good of the summer. Shakti goes to beat Kesar. The gentleman says wait, stay limited. He says summer is getting worse. The problem is what power asks. The gentleman says your father is teaching you wrong, if you do something wrong you will be punished. Summer says everyone has become my enemy. The gentleman says if I know his mistake you will get a bad punishment. Pratigi said I will go to school and find out what he did. The gentleman says everything is getting worse. Shakti said go and handle the action. The affirmation says that nothing happens in life according to you. She asked the gentleman for her support.

The gentleman tries to applaud the action. Saffron feeds the vow. Power releases food in anger. Balwant asks where is Krishna? Krishna goes to Radhe’s house and leaves the money back at the door. He walks away sadly. Shakti is angry at Pratigya. Kesar says I will tell Pragya not to punish Samar too much. He slapped her. Krishna knocks on the door and leaves. Radhe’s wife got the bag. She curses the man who killed Radhe. Shakti says I have complaints from the whole family, tell me what you did. He does it on hand. Summer says think before you hit me, otherwise I won’t save you from being blamed.

Krishna comes home drunk. The vow is holding him. There’s something the gentleman says. Balwant says that someone from his family was involved in Jagan’s death. The same goes for Samar Shakti.

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