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Pratiji 2 26 March 2021 Written part, written update on

At the beginning of the episode Krishna told Garva not to think, go and play Holi. He sends pride. He goes for a cannabis drink. He says make it really tasty, hurry up, go. He ignites cannabis. He thinks I can’t break the faith of pride, I have to confess the truth with a promise. The action takes a drink. He runs after her and takes a drink. She says give it to me. He says for your mamma. He gives her another drink. He asks where Mamma is. She says she’s here. Promise threw paint at him and ran. He catches her. They have a moment. Musicals… He says I don’t feel awkward, you can hug me, for my love, you can’t cool down. The gentleman comes. Don’t be stubborn. Sumitra said the vow is to show that her husband is behind her, she knows he is stubborn and will not leave her unless she drinks cold. The gentleman does not ask her to condemn the vow. Pratijya drinks cold. The gentleman says it will be fun now. Krishna and Pratigiya dance with everyone. They laugh. The bride of Badri. Sports… Adarsh ​​sees Komal. Sajjan and Sumitra also dance. Komal smiles at everyone. Some men see her standing in a soft corner and paint her. Komal sees this and is worried. The ideal comes to the rescue. He warns the man and tells him to leave. Gentle smiles.

His night Krishna tells him to wait. He says you don’t listen to me. She sings He asks about the evidence in the case. She says this is a major mystery. He says why don’t you say, listen to me, I don’t like it, I envy Balwant. Why does she ask, you envy me. She laughs. She works like a gentleman. He says you are hiding things from me, I will get something for you, look at the moon. He makes her drink another cold drink.

She says we have already taken fingerprints and sent them to the forensics, they will know and know everything, the report will come. He cares. Balwant sees the ashes of his son. He gets angry. He says I will not leave your culprit. Krishna asks when the report will come. She says it will take time, but the battle of faith will definitely pay off. He says leave this case. She says no, we will wait for the report, it is very simple. He says, no, it’s hard, listen to me, you leave the matter. She said, no, don’t break my heart, tell me who I am. He says you are my wife. She says no, I’m a lawyer, the complex case is good, if the lawyer gets justice it’s a huge success, don’t ask me to drop the case. He says you don’t listen to me, I’m leaving. She says I don’t feel awkward anymore, stay here, there’s a way to close the suit. Balwant says I will not stop at any cost.

What is the way Krishna asks wisdom. She said if the culprit surrendered to the police, the case would be closed, which is easy. She sings and dances. Krishna thinks that I have to close the case, otherwise Pratya will be proud, she will not listen to me, she wants to blame someone. He meets someone and asks for help. He says I don’t know how to speak. The man says you helped me a lot, tell me what to do.

Krishna asks will give you your freedom. Man says I can give life. Krishna says it is the fault of the accident, you take it on your head, I will take care of your family, I will try to save you. The man asks who committed this crime, what happened? Krishna says this is an accident, this is not my son’s fault, pride is innocent, he was sitting in the back seat, there is nothing wrong with him, dead son is Balwant’s son, I want to save pride, Radhe can save his life. Take the blame, I will save you by appointing a good lawyer, I will be responsible for your family. Radhe agrees.

Balwant kidnapped Garva. The image sees this and runs behind the car. Krishna shouts how anything can happen to Garav, I will burn the world.

Update credit to: Amena