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Pratiji 2 29 March 2021 Written part, written update on

The competition starts with a headache for the contestant. She says Krishna added something to my cold. She takes care of the gentleman and says we will have your cataract surgery soon. She asks the gentleman for medicine. He gives her medicine. He says his tested drugs, you may have it, I used to drink cannabis to Sumitra, she used to laugh a lot and talk, she used to beat my heart. Sumitra says listen to his story now. The gentleman says I used to make a necklace of flowers with her words, when she was free from the hangover she would be the snake hanging around my neck. Image smiling. She says that celebration brings happiness and then leaves sorrow, we are happy, tender life has become colorless, she would have felt the same today, I wish colors could come back in her life. Sajan says what we can do was written in her destiny. Sumitra says that I was also sad to see Komal, I did not get to see her happy.

Gentle thinks of the ideal. Gentle wakes up and cares. She looks at the picture of her husband. Radhe sees the police. He goes to the police station. He confesses to Balwant’s son’s accident. The inspector says if you have confessed to the crime, I respect you more, come with me. Balwant took pride from school. Pride says Mamma will come. Balwant says sit in the car with me. He pulls pride inside. The guard watches. Balwant asks proudly why he was scared to see him? Proud remembers the accident. Promises come to school and seek pride. The guard says he got into the car. She runs to see. Shouts strong.

Promise asks pride and asks what you did, he’s so scared. He says what happened I was giving him AC air, you say what I did. She says you behave badly, no one will be afraid of you. He says you have started accusing me, you are a mother, you can say. He gets a call. Someone has blamed the accident, observers say. Balwant says sorry, I have to go. He goes The inspector tied Radhe to the railway track. Radhe is screaming for help.

Promises and pride come home. Pride is frightened and says strong. She says Balwant came to school and spoke proudly. Krishna asks what is his opinion, I will not leave him. Sumitra says stop your court work because of you, now focus on the children, you can’t forgive yourself if something happens to the children. Krishna asked how will something happen to the children, I will burn the world. Balwant comes to meet Radhe. He scares Radhe. He tells her to tell the truth. He laughs and says that if you had known who sent you to blame yourself, you would not have gone to prison, you would have died, tell the truth, or you would have died, this is the last chance. Tell me, who sent me? The gentleman asked whether Balwant had made a proud mistake.

Pratigiya said, no, he was proudly just sitting in his car talking to him, but I hit him. The gentleman is proudly telling no one to be afraid, he has done nothing wrong. Krishna asks how did he touch my son? The pledge said that he has apologized, we should not have any quarrel with him. The gentleman says I would have cut him off, end this story here. When the case is over, he has changed, why is he doing that, says Krishna. What does the gentleman ask, the case is over, has he been found guilty? Promise asked what you mean. Krishna says people are talking, I heard the criminal surrendered before the police. She says no, someone told you. He says I heard some people talking. She says it can’t happen, if someone surrendered I would have known it first. She goes. Krishna wonders where Radhe is.

Krishna asks where is Radhe. Promises check the evidence. Krishna sees the news of Radhe’s death. Pride rises and says I did nothing.

Update credit to: Amena