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The beginning of the episode Balwant says I kill you. Radhe is worried. Seeing the fire, the strong man went mad and bit Radhe. Death of Radhe. He falls into the lake. Krishna says where is Radhe, his phone is also switched off. The gentleman comes and asks what are you saying, how did you feel about Radhe after so many years? Krishna says I did not say anything. The gentleman asks if you are going back the wrong way, stay away from Radhe. Krishna says I just met him on the way, now we are not goons, we have children in the family, what is the need to go back there, live life. Krishna says yes, I will not meet him now, I am happy now. He goes The gentleman says there is some matter. Krishna thinks I didn’t understand anything after Radhe’s surrender.

He walks around his room. He looks at the decorated candles. Pratigita comes. She says the kids are sleeping with Komal and Amma, so I thought of creating an amazing one for you. She grabbed him. She says you don’t care, well, you’ve been married for ten years, you were so crazy about my love, now you have kids, you don’t care about our wedding anniversary, you’re just like everyone else, man, I was wrong. He says you’re upset, I was joking, I love you so much. She says I’m in a bad mood now. He pulls her closer. He says you don’t get upset, don’t make your heart bulb to turn it on and off, you get a new grandchild, night and night shouldn’t hurt. She really asks. He says, your lips light a fire at night, I will not leave you. She says I understood later, come on, just give me a couple of minutes, I’ll be back. She changes clothes and comes. She says you wear Ninty now. He says how can I sleep now. They laugh.

Pride dreamed of catching the strongman. He gets up and says I did nothing. Gentle asks what happened, did you have a bad dream, it happened, don’t worry, don’t panic, go to sleep now. She puts the knife under the pillow. She thinks what is the reason that he is so scared, I have to ask Krishna, otherwise the pride will get sick. She goes to Krishna. She sees him on the call. She asked proudly that everything was fine, he was grumbling because he didn’t say anything. Krishna says don’t worry, even in a dream man can see anything, it is not true. Komal says he is wetting the bed, he is vomiting, his dream and reality are one when he is in pain, tell me. He says I don’t know. Promises check the evidence. She sees Kerchief and Kerchief thinks of her power. She clicks a photo and leaves.

Is in the tender market. The ideal comes there. He offers a lift. She said no, I will go. He goes after her. She asks why you are walking with me, I will go home myself. He says I know, but I can’t go you alone. She says it was Holi day, people get out of control, don’t worry, it won’t happen today, I will handle it. He says you don’t like walking with me, are you scared? She said no. He asks why you keep the pooja plate so tight, you will be scared. She says I went to the temple to pray for pride. He says he is close to your brother. She says, yes, that’s my life, I’ve been happy since I came into my life. He tells me, coming to Prayagraj, I feel the same way. Thank you for saving me from the colors. She goes. He says I have come to fill your life with color. Shakti tells the gentleman about Radhe’s death. It shows breaking news. He was called to show the news to Krishna. Krishna was shocked. The gentleman says he was told he had met him recently, his body was found on the bank of the river. Krishna shouts. Komal looks at him. The gentleman says I told you, the result of the wrong thing is the wrong thing. He says he was loyal to you. Kesar says he paid the price for his loyalty. K अड कृष्णa stumbles and leaves. He thinks this can’t happen, how he died when he went to surrender.

Komal says we will go to the gentleman and tell the truth. Krishna yells at her and hugs her. Krishna tells the story of his vow, she will not remain silent until she is caught guilty, the gentleman will not come her way. She says only Dad can save our pride. Balwant grabbed power at gun point. The gentleman pointed the gun at Balwant. He says I have changed my way, not my way. Promises can be seen there.

Update credit to: Amena