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Krishna started the episode by remembering everything. He thinks that Balwant has done this, he is ahead of me, Radhe would have gone to the police station, but the police are in Balwant’s custody, the police would have taken Radhe to Balwant, Balwant killed Radhe. He cries Komal comes and asks me what happened, why are you crying, I don’t believe you. He hugs her and yells. She tells him what to do. He says it’s all over, Pride accidentally. She is shocked. He says it all. Gentle says no, pride can’t do it. Krishna said that it happened in destiny, what can we do, I was doing everything to save pride.

They say Radhe is dead, his family knows nothing, we will meet the family, we will go to meet them. Power is in his room. Bhola comes and pulls Shakti out of the room. Sumitra and Kesar ask Bhola to give up power. Power is put at the feet of the strong. Shakti was shocked to see Balwant. Shakti tells me what is the way to bring me here, if you call me I would have come to meet you. Balwant confronts him. Shakti asks who is spreading this rumor against me, tell me, I didn’t even go there, bring that person before me, I swear my wife, I was not here. Sumitra shouts and says the goons kidnapped Shakti. Who asks the gentleman. She says strong man. The gentleman gets angry and says he is coming to my city and creating this chaos, I will not leave him.

Komal says things will go wrong, we want to save pride. Krishna asks I can’t meet Radhe family, I can’t be selfish. She asks then tell me what to do. They think. She says we will go and tell her father everything, he will take care of everything, you should have told him first. He says, listen to me, we can’t go to the father, this is a matter of promise, she will catch the culprit, the father will support her. She asks that this is happening with pride, he loves pride more than us, only Baba can save him, Thakur is a gentle lion, the strong can’t stand in front of him, Baba will fix everything, come with me. She takes him.

Balwant says I can catch the culprit, you left your evidence, I got your shit. He points the gun at the force. Shakti says calm down, this is a misconception. The gentleman pointed a gun at Balwant. Bhola and people are watching. The gentleman warned Balwant. Let’s wait and see. The gentleman told Balwant to get out of his way. He says you came to my house and put blood on the face of my arm, I controlled my anger, it doesn’t mean I can’t do anything, your son is dead, I know your pain, it doesn’t mean you have anyone Blame it, Bahubali is always Bahubali, it should be past or future. The vow goes and stops the gentleman. She asks what’s going on here, why you picked up the gun today, what’s the matter. Balwant says the matter will start now, someone here is involved in my son’s accident, we got a piece of evidence, I thought it would be hard for you to question your own family. She said yes, he is right. She shows the photo and says that a kerchief of power has been found there.

Gentlemen ask if there is any more evidence against Shakti? She says no, but the fingerprints have been sent for examination, it will be proved if Shakti is involved. Shakti says I did nothing. Balwant says one thing to keep in mind, I promise I won’t keep quiet until I get my son’s killer. Komal and Krishna talk. He says Baba has changed now, the promise has changed him. Komal says he is still the same, he will help us. Krishna says we have seen what Balwant did with Radhe, we have to make a shield. She calls the gentleman. They listen to the gentleman and go see. The gentleman argues with Balwant. They say we worship justice in our home, don’t think that if it’s about my family, I’ll step back, I’ll support the law, if my son has done wrong, I’ll kill him. The power is shocked.

The gentleman says I will not back down from my word, you can go now, go, don’t come back until the fingerprints are reported, don’t court under my nose, now there’s enough respect, lose. The strong and his men go away. He says that once it is proven, then I will pull you out of here in front of everyone. Power worries. Krishna tells Komal to look, Baba sacrifices everyone for justice.

Image says we made the law to help people. Shakti teaches the truth from your child. “If I do this to save Pragya’s family, I will burn them,” says Balwant.

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