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Pratiji 2 5 April 2021 Written part, written update on

Scene 1
Krishna wakes up and there is a hangover. There he sees Murari, Pratigi’s assistant, and goes to him. He says Pratigya is busy so tell me what’s the news? “I’m just waiting for her,” Murari said. Krishna said she tells me everything so that you can inform me. Murari says Radhe had surrendered to the police in the Balwant case. The image comes there and tells Krishna to get out of there. Krishna says it is about Radhe so I want to hear it. Promises say it’s my job and you can’t handle the news about Radhe so leave. Krishna thinks that Pratigya does not know that I pushed Radhe to surrender. She pushed him out the door and told Murari not to tell anyone. Murari says Radhe had surrendered to the police but later died under the bridge. The perpetrator said the culprit is very clever, he is clearing all the evidence and he may have paid Radhe to surrender. She asked Radhe to find out who met her before going to the police. Murari yes and leaves.

The action comes to the gentleman and forgives him. The gentleman says you are an angry girl. Pledge smiled at him and said I would go to summer school. The gentleman says that if he has done something wrong, I will not let him go. The vow asked Summer to tell her if something went wrong? Does Samar think that Shakti did nothing to stop the promise?

Krishna thinks I should know what information Murari gave to Pratigya. He comes to the driver of the pledge and tells him to get out. He says I will turn her around today. The driver leaves. As the image comes there Krishna says I will turn you around today. The image says that you were drunk last night, you should rest and can’t drive according to the law. Krishna says I am fine so let me drive. The image escapes from the car.

Samar tells Shakti that you have not broken your vow so you will not tell anyone I told you by accident and you will go to jail. Shakti says I am your father so I will not let you get stuck. The image can’t go to school, she’s going to hell. I have failed in her break so don’t worry.

The image is driving and trying to apply the brakes but it doesn’t work. She sees an old woman in front of her and tries to save her. She turns the car around and has an accident.

Scene 2
Shakti asked Samar who killed Balwant’s son. Summer says, I won’t tell you until I make sure Pragya doesn’t get to school. Shakti grabs him and says I am your father so don’t force me to do anything. Summer says Garvan did it, the car that hit Balwant’s son was in the car. Shakti was shocked to hear that. Shakti says how do you know all this? Are you telling the truth? Summer tells him how he put the pride in the van and his brakes failed. Shakti laughed and said you are a bomb. Shakti says this means that the lawyer’s son has committed the crime, her son will now stand trial. She wanted to teach the gentleman a lesson but now she has to fight against her own son. He laughs and falls to the ground. All members of the family come there. The gentleman asks is he crazy? Krishna comes there too. Adarsh ​​is bringing Pragya home and she has a bandage on her head. Krishna runs to him and asks what happened? Adarsh ​​says that her car brakes failed and she had an accident, I took her to the hospital and treated her. The vow tells Krishna to calm down, I am fine. The gentleman thanks Adarsh ​​for taking her to the hospital. Krishna thanked him. Komal looked at him and smiled. Krishna saw blood on his shirt and asked Komal to take it to clean the shirt.

Komal brings Adarsh ​​to her room and says I bring Krishna’s shirt. She walks away and ideally removes his shirt. Komal got there and looks away. She gives him a shirt. He changes as he watches. Adarsh ​​looks at the photos of Komal’s husband and says he was yours? Komal says he is my husband and his name was also ideal. Adarsh ​​gives her a gift with a smile. She says don’t do all this and never bring anything for me. She leaves from there.

Krishna puts Pratiksha to bed and gives her medicine. He hugs her and says I will stay with you today. “You are blaming me for not spending time with you, so we will stay together now,” Pratigiya said. Krishna got a call from Balwant and left. Krishna asks how is he? Balwant says you know my pain. Krishna says that you cannot change destiny. Balwant says luck is mine, I have some work to do so will you meet me now? Krishna says exactly, why not. I’m coming. Balwant ended the call. Krishna sees and tells Pragya that I have some work to do. The image said don’t you want to spend time now? Krishna told her to take care and he will come back soon, he left from there. Pratigi said I should go to work too.

Krishna comes to meet Balwant at one place. Balwant stares at him.

The episode ends.

Precap – Balwant tells his wife that until I find the killer, I will not pour my son’s ashes into the river, now the prestige will have to fight against her family. Shakti, on the other hand, puts a wreath on Garva’s photo and tells the family that Marek Ban should be deported, that Garva is the murder of Balwant’s son. K स्a is stunned.

Update credit to: Atiba