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This episode begins with talking to Dwarka Yamuna. Yamuna says you will be with your new husband this time. Dwarka says he is in Ahilya’s service, he has no time for me, like we never had a fever, taking care of Ahilya, Gautam always tried to take his name, now Ahilya has come, we won’t get anything. She says that these things do not suit you, I have seen you try hard, but you have not conquered Gautama, you have stopped thinking for yourself, but you will also have a place as Gautam for your daughter and daughter-in-law. Dwarka says it’s my fault, I wanted to explain to myself that the second wife is replaced by the first wife. Yamuna said, no, you can’t be weak, Vaid said that Ahilya is sick due to mental stress. Dwarka says that this was what happened, Gautam punished her. Yamuna says you have to use it, stay with Ahilya, you know what to do, I am here to help.

Everyone asks how you feel. Ahilya says you told me right, I didn’t want to tell Sarja, Gautam is angry with me for everything. She asks me if I need to hide this from Malhar too, will I be punished for telling my family too? She looks at the door. She says there is someone at the door. Everyone asks who it is, come forward. Sarja says I. She meets Ahilya and asks about her health. Ahilya hid the case after seeing Harkula. Se says do my job, forget what I said, okay. Sarja says okay, but you will be fine soon, my parents also asked about you. Ahilya says that after marriage we can’t meet anyone, not even our parents. At the door she sees Malhar and Gautam.

Kanoji tells Khanderao about his courageous battle with the enemy. He tells of Malhar’s bravery. Khanderao praises his father. Kanoji says you have to take the name forward. Khanderao says I have done everything right, but Ahilya जर .. If she lied, she helped me, I will teach her a lesson. Gautam tells Ahilya to rest. She asks Sarja to look at the garden, what are you doing here? Ahilya said she is my best friend, she came to visit me, because I am sick. Is created. Gautam says tomorrow you are fine to do pooja, khandrao and you have to do pooja. Ahilya gets up. Malhar tells her to rest.

She says you came a long time ago, I didn’t know who was with me. She greets him. He blesses her. She greets Gautam and says that Harkune explained everything to me, I will remember it. Malhar asks the case. Gautama said that it is our matter, my way of teaching her something is right. Ahilya asks I ask something. Gautam says now I think you are here. Ahilya asks that you punish Khanderao and teach him everything. Gautam Malhar sees. She says you will never change. She goes. Malhar tells her to listen. Dwarka sees Gautam leaving.

Dwarka asks Ahilya how is she? Malhar says I will come now. Dwarka asks Ahilya about the sores on her hands. Ahilya said her fine. Dwarka said your hand is injured. Malhar stopped hearing this. He looks at Ahilya’s hand and asks how the blister came from. Dwarka says that if she grinds turmeric all day, her throat will get sore. She did it alone without any help. Gautama got angry with her and asked her to grind turmeric for Navratri. Malhar goes away angry. Dwarka remembers the advice of the Yamuna. Khanderao asks why you came here. Kanoji says I want to show you something. He gets grass and starts a fire. He told Khanderao to start a fire. He says I want to see if you are ready to take over the state. He calls the guard. Khanderao gets water. Kanoji asked Khanderao to start the fire in the direction of the fire department. Khanderao asks how this will happen. Kanoji rightly says, how hate, jealousy and anger end, I told you to take care of your wife, she will respect you and obey you, if you discuss teaching her a lesson, you both will not be friendly, husband and wife friendship Should be done. He extinguishes the fire using water.

Malhar asks how you can make a 9 year old girl grind nowadays. Gautam said I am doing the same thing to Ahilya that happened to everyone, Ahilya is the reason, she is always making mistakes. Malhar says she is from a different place, she will be different. As she says I am working hard to guide her, I want her to get sick, no, she made a big mistake and then she would have understood, she apologized to me, you saw it. He nodded. She yells that you will ask questions on my way, she will be fine, but she needs more time to correct her mistakes. He says I understand but… She says I don’t think I made a mistake, I want to be like me right now, give me this job my way.

They say, I want to be like you now, when Khanderao bothers me and when they tell me to be like me, you tell me he doesn’t have to prove his ability, he will learn in time, that doesn’t mean you, Ahilya, you You have come to handle her, you can change her mistakes slowly, she doesn’t have to be the best arm so soon, why hurry. She says you can’t compare her to Khanderao, he is my son, not that I just punish her, I explain to her, she doesn’t like to understand, she wants to be equal to Khanderao, she wants to go to court, why, She wants her share of her son’s pride and position, no, I won’t let this happen, I can’t share his stories with anyone, never. He looks at her.

Malhar says I will find some way to make you happy. Khanderao asks why Baba called me now. He goes to Malhar. Malhar says yes, I called you.

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