Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 30th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Ahilya gets scolding from Gautama – Telly Updates

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 30 March 2021 Written Part, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

This episode begins by telling Rangarao Khandrao about the difficulties. Ask me what you decided, tell me. Khanderao says yes, I want to decide, I tell you, check all the houses in the village to find that hidden person. Ahilya remembers the method of inspecting Mancoji trees one by one. They say we should only treat infected plants, not all plants, as we only treat affected wounds. The FB will end. Ahilya says that we should not find this way by inspecting all the houses, otherwise everyone will feel bad, we should find out who are the new people coming to Malwa. Khanderao tells Rangaravan to leave. Harku says Ahilya would not have done it on purpose. Gautam got angry. Dwarka says Ahilya came to know all the confidential information when Gaulya stopped Gunu Ji from going there. Gautam asks why he went to the court.

Ahilya’s concern. Khanderao asks what was the need to speak in front of the spies, come and help me to go to the court. Ahilya says my father says the whole village is our family. Gautama says that before this matter was different, I told you that if you have something to say, come to me but you have not heard. Ahilya says I really love helping others. Gautam says we can’t change the practice, why do you want to do like Khanderao, why can’t you go to the kitchen and do your work? Ahilya says I will do all the work, but why can’t I go to court. Gautama says you are a girl, you are a girl, you cannot be equal to Khanderao, you have no meaning, you can’t argue, men have the right to education, to make decisions and to rule, just do as you are told, enough for now . She goes out. She says Gautam spoke nicely to me, I thought my problems were over, she loves me now, she befriended me.

Khanderao comes to her with anklet. He says Shivaji will be worried for you too. She says I was just trying to help you. He asks I asked for your help, what was the need to talk there. She says I thought people would feel bad, so I spoke up. He says don’t injure your brain, your brain fell there, take it. She goes and cleans the temple. She prays to Shiva and cries. Everyone comes there and sees her praying. Ahilya’s scream makes her feel bad. Ahilya said I miss my father and I want to go to him. Isaiah plans with his team members. “I told Ahilya not to talk about it,” Khanderao said.

Gautam says Rangarao said that time is short and danger is high, we want to start work soon, Navratra will start in two days, the festival should not go bad. He says everything will be fine. “I expected the same from you,” she says. Ahilya comes. He asks if you are spying on me. She says no, I said I did the temple work. He says okay, mom give her more work and send her. Gautam tells Ahilya to get ready to go tomorrow. Ahilya goes. Gautama says it is a difficult time for Malwa, your father has not left, the responsibility is on you, do what you think is right, I am with you in every decision you make. Yesha tells us his plan to invade the province. He asked the man to keep an eye on the mansion, know their safety, Navratra celebrations will start from today. Two men come to meet Khanderao. Everyone can come here now. Everyone shows some dry leaves. She says his people page. Ahilya really asks, I have never seen so many pages before. She speaks Harkushi.

Gautam says Ahilya alone will grind all the turmeric. Everyone asks how she can do it alone. Ahilya cries.

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