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The episode begins with Khandirao seeing Ahilya sick. Kanoji says you are older, a boy, stronger than Ahilya, you would have thought of that and helped her. Khanderao says that it is our fault. Kanoji says you don’t have to go to Gautam and complain. Khanderao says I made a mistake. Kanoji says you know what to say to her. Khanderao asks don’t be angry with anyone. Kanoji says that I have to face problems every day, I think what Malhar will do in such a situation and my problem will end, he changes according to his wishes in every situation. There is a discussion between Yeshaji and his men. The guard listens to them and says that you are the Nizam’s man, I will tell Gunu. He goes to tell Gunu Jila. Someone killed the guard. Guna was amazed to see Jesus. He says he is a traitor, he came here to kill you. Gunuji asks, what was the need to deceive him. He says he was a spy for the Nizam.

Gunuji asks how he got here, how do you know. Yesha Ji says he didn’t come here alone. He catches other men. He shows the Nizam’s coins. Gunu ji gets annoyed. Yesha remembers telling her man to trust her and save her life. Beat them called Gunu Ji. Isaiah attacked his men. Gunu who says that you saved my life, as well as Holkar and Malwa from this conspiracy, we are very grateful to you, you are now my faithful man. Yesha who apologizes to his men. Malhar sees Harkula taking care of Ahilya. He also takes care of Ahilya. He says you believed in me and came here, but I could not save your happiness. He remembers her words.

Dwarka is looking at Yamuna and asking why are you smiling? Yamuna says I love seeing you at Gautama’s place. Dwarka says, “If I could, I wouldn’t let her out of Kopabhavan, don’t let her get upset.” Yamuna says great. Dwarka says I was also insulted. Yamuna says now you have the honor of performing Gautama’s duty. The guard asks Ahilya to allow her to take her luggage. She says take it. She will find a drum in her room. She asked why it was here. Khanderao comes. She turns away. He says it was your fault, so you will get sick, I didn’t want you to get sick, I got the best medicine, music for you. She says I don’t want to listen to your music, go away. He says you listen once. He plays the drums. Ahilya smiles and imagines herself in the village. It’s good he asks. She says it’s great, I didn’t feel sick, I imagined going to my village, I was dancing and laughing. Malhar is happy to see them. He smiled.

On his night, Gautama and Khanderao come to meet Malhar. Khanderao asks why did you call me all of a sudden? He gets stressed. Gautam says I should have come, I can’t leave you both. Malhar smiled. He asked Khanderao to sit down. He says I love you so much, a father expects so much from his son, I expect so much from you, I am happy when you do something good, I feel proud, today you gave me that happiness, I am proud of you. He visits Khanderao. Khanderao sees a dagger. Malhar tells him to learn to use weapons like playing music. Khanderao says I know fencing. Malhar says know well, the king should always have a hidden weapon. Gautama says that I was happy to see you teach this to Khanderao, what he did is that you are giving him gifts.

Pandit tells Malhar a ritual. Gautam says he does not ask for things that are not fulfilled. Ahilya creates desire.

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