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The beginning of the episode Gautam says, son, don’t get tired. Dwarka says this is our big responsibility, Khanderao can’t handle it. Bana says yes, Gunu who is strong, poor Khanderao is small. She laughs. Dwarka says he can’t stand the heat, he can’t stay there long. When the flag falls, everyone will know that Malhar has chosen the wrong person to handle Malwa. Khanderao got bored and threw the flag a little. Everyone is shocked. Khanderao tries to raise the flag again. Ahilya remembers Mankoji. He says that today I was very bored in the field, so I called you all back to gain strength. Ahilya gets up and encourages Khanderao. She chanted his name. People also chant his name. She gives him strength.

Gautama said she is our arm, this play doesn’t look good. Malhar said she is trying to end the problem, it is not a drama to encourage and support her husband. Khanderao raised the flag once again. Ahilya and everyone laughing. He continues to dance. Pandit says the sun has set. Malhar goes to praise Khanderao. He says you made us proud, respected us, great, we should thank Ahilya, she gave you new courage. Announce the five names called Gangoba where we will send these five plates omen. Malhar mentions the names of the villagers. Gangoba says there is another family. Malhar says that Mankoji Shinde of Chondi village, Khandarao and Ahilya will take the Prasad plate. Ahilya is smiling. She thinks I’ll visit my parents, I don’t have to worry anymore.

Gunuji says Khanderao snatched my rights again. Dhana ji says Chondi is very far, the path is different, anything can happen to anyone. Malhar praised Gunu for giving his place to Khandurao. He says you know the rules of the palace. Gunu said yes. Dhana ji says sorry, you are right, but the truth is, Gunu who will be a chief all his life cannot be a subhedar. Malhar says talent attracts success. Yesha who comes to meet Malhar. Jesus praises his genius.

Ahilya is excited to go to her village. She says I will have a lot of fun. He says that girls have to go to in-laws after marriage, boys do not go to in-laws. I don’t want to go there, I’ll tell mom to talk to dad. Ahilya asks I will not go there without him. He says I don’t like Chondi, I will never go there.

Malhar tries a sword made by Yesha Ji. He says your sword is amazing, Gunu ji has given you this job, I would not have believed any stranger, but I respect Gunu ji’s decision, this sword is the future of this kingdom. He goes Jesus thinks that it will not be easy to deceive this man. Ahilya cries in her room. Gautam comes. Ahilya says Khanderao does not want to come with me. Gautam says that you may have shouted at Malhar, realizing that he would never reject you. Ahilya said I did not say anything. Gautama says that he came from his journey and said that you can go to Chondi.

Ahilya gives prasad to Yash ji. Dhana ji stops Yash ji from throwing prasad and asks who are you.

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