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Salog takes the color and applies it to the feet of the tea, he blesses her He stands up, asks what the tea is all about, Salog says that the first color was put on the feet of God and she saved him at night and also helped save the father so that she is God for her, Chahat starts to wonder that she always feels like she has something to do with the boy.

Dua is walking with this color and she will tell her friends that she has also played Holi this year, the organizer of the competition tells Neil to be the judge of the competition, because the real judge is upset, Neil asks how can be the judge because his son is involved, but the judge says care There’s nothing to do that Neil also agrees with saying that if you don’t have a problem he will act as a judge, the organizers try to change the color but Neil says don’t dare him because he stopped celebrating Holi six years ago, when His life is devoid of colors, the organizer leaves.

Dulia is running with the color as she enters the blue and all the colors are on her kurta, he goes crazy asking if she doesn’t see if she has left all the colors on him, so Dua was asking him then why was she in front of him? She was also coming to play Holi, Neil reveals that he has stopped playing Holi many days ago and his actions have ruined his entire kurta, Dua also answers him, Neil is angry saying that she is really naughty and truthful. The two start arguing and go their separate ways.

The shop threw ice out of the tub and she started rubbing her forehead telling how her uncle ruined her work while Neil standing on the other side was doing the same, Neil was surprised to see Dua, he asked why she was copying the action, Dua answers that she is hers Copying who is angry with Neil and saying that she has enough for him and asks Dua to come here and ask if she is her mother, then she will complain about him, Dua says she has to get caught, she runs away. After throwing paint on his face, Neil got really angry, he turned to look for Dua in the crowd.

Balek enters the house, sits on a chair and asks Alkhananda to fetch water, Godambari asks why his wife is calling Alkhananda while he is at home, Balek asks his wife to fetch water, the wife comes from the kitchen and in fact she is trembling with fear, she comes to him and asks him Why doesn’t she know how to treat her husband and slaps her, she asks for water why she didn’t fill her with vermilion? He wants her to die, however, as Naveli pretends she’s nothing and she hurriedly forgets to fill her mangala. Balek warns her to let him come to the front until she comes in front of him, until her manga is filled with vermilion, he takes the color and fills her manga, throwing her to the ground asking why she is standing in her way.

Godambari from behind asks why she ruined her life because she doesn’t even feel sorry for her, she ran away with a Muslim man and because of her actions she left home for Jamuna Yatra, she doesn’t know where he is and for that reason to live like a widow, when no one is ready to marry her In her absence, she was forced to marry Balek, and now he has convinced her throughout his life that whenever he was ready to marry Naveli, it was a blessing for their family.

The fan is looking at a photo of Vyas J.A. and telling him that she misses him a lot. She asks if she remembers when she first came to their house, she painted his face, she was really scared of him Remembering a lot, Chahat reveals that yesterday she met a boy Salog was just like him and she thought it was him, she mentioned that she can’t be with him but can apply color, his photo can feel like being with him, when When the photo flies and burns on the candle, it acquires color, saves the photo in the tea but lacks the exact signs, wondering what might have happened to it. Hearing her screams, Sahil is asking what happened, Chahat enjoys what happened.

Vyas who is shaking hands in the hospital room, screaming and shouting, the ward boy comes asking what happened, the other nurse tries to calm him down as soon as he asks where the madman is, he replies that a man standing in front of the car killed himself Trying to kill, Vyas takes the scissors but it was removed from him, when the nurse said he could see the pain in this man’s eye, he fell down.

Chahi Chatla also asks why Tatya takes care of the man because there was a person who separated her from Neil and he promised never to come back, Sahil doesn’t understand her, Chahat says that the relationship changed over time and when he was young his parents made a mistake. Sorry. Then Sahil mentions how he can keep his father’s mistakes in his mind that he can’t stop her from treating him badly but doesn’t let her go back to Devprag because she doesn’t see him. In any kind of difficulty Chahat says that Vyas who is her father and she has a lot of respect for him.

When the nurse stopped him, Vyas J was trying to hurt himself again.

Neil is running after Dua and is able to catch her, he thinks she thinks she should go ahead of him now because now that her mother is there she should tell him to complain about her, Dua mentions that someone tried to complain She, but her mother made him into a rabbit and forced him to eat only carrots, Neil went crazy and told her to take him to her mother.
Salog is on the run by calling her friends from Chalot so that she can save him from the colors.

The novelist runs to Saraswati Dee’s photo and prays that she gives a sign that she can bring Chahat back because she could only stand up against Balek, as if the house would surely be ruined if he was allowed to do whatever he wanted.

The fan will tell Salog not to worry and she will show him a way by which he can defeat them, she brought a bucket of water and planned to tie it in front of the door, she hid with Salog who spoke loudly but she told him to keep quiet. .

Neil walks with Dua, tells her to tell him the room number, he walks towards the room and he is startled when the water opens, Dua smiles but Neil tells her to calm down, Dua says her mother has taken revenge on her, Neil says she complains about her I don’t understand why she came because it seems that her mother doesn’t have any manners either, they think that this voice is the same as Neil’s so she ran to the door asking. Dua was the person, Dua says he was really angry and because of the anger he thought it would burst like a balloon, Chahat remembers that she used the exact words to express Neil’s anger.

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