Qurbaan Hua 29th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Salog while trying to save the baby goat narrowly escapes an accident – Telly Updates

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Neil answered the call, she looks surprised, Chahat said answer as Dua called someone to go to his mobile and kneeling he saw a basket full of fruits and put it on the table, Chahat then picked up the mobile, Neil Salog’s face will see that he is Neil Fearing to be scared, he doesn’t want to go there. Alkhanand comes to him asking what is going on. He says that Neil is trying to put pressure on him but he doesn’t want to go there. Alkhanand also asks why Neil has forced him. Neil responds that He wants the children to like him and be strong too, Alakhananda also insists on coming with them but Neil does not allow her to come with him.

Chahat asks Dua why he wants to go to Shimla, Dua says that Chahat is tired of taking care of patients and they also need rest, Sahil agrees that, along with the patients, Chahat also brings crazy people, the tea hit him. Saying that they are not crazy but helpless, Dua asks Sahil that if she wants to cancel her Shimla plan, doctors like her will have to take a break, she asks, is it enough to say that, Chahat mentions that she is really naughty and convinces her Trying to give, she asks what happened to her patients, Dua asks for Sahil’s mobile, then shows a video of the patients begging Chahat to go on holiday. Chahat leaves for a check, Dua says she can now win the Huddle race and show her mother that she is indeed a champion, Sahil advises her to calm down.

As Dulia approaches the car asking how she is in the car, Sahil explains that she also knows what she wants from her stuffed toys, then asks who is the best dad, Dua first asks for a packet of chips, comes to tea she brings her bags No, Dua says she is older than him, but Chahat teases her and prays to Allah before she goes inside to bring the bag again.

Fans explain that she wants to tell Dul that Sahil is not her real father, Sahil says that she loves Dua just like her father and she loves him too, Chahat warns her never to tell him because she only loves one person like Neil. . Sahil listens carefully and then mentions that he has no control over who he loves and not only does he ask for love from her but as a family he will always be with her, Chahat begs him not to talk about such fake family otherwise leave that dua, Sahil is talking when dua is her When she came out of the bag, she said that she is so heavy that she builds muscles in her hands, hugs Sahil after dua, wipes her tears in tea and orders her to take good care of the nurse. Patients, the nurse exclaimed that the nursing center is their pride Don’t worry, Chahat Vyas remembers, thinking of his teaching to take care of others instead of spending money on rest, she cried and said she really misses their home and family.

Dua calls Chahat and they leave for Shimla, Neil also arrives at the stadium telling how nice place is with Salog, Salog says he is tired but stops seeing Neil’s anger which demands Salog to study hard because he needs to win. Competition, then Salog requests to eat lunch first however Neil if he has come to practice he should not consider running away from practice as he will only get some food after practice.

Neil pulls out how he can run after being shown that he has to pull in a row, he says he can’t run fifty times between two poles in a row, Neil says he was punished for one wrong mistake that ruined his life. Witnessing the same mistakes in a row, Neil then sent Wallet away before ordering him to take the bags out of the trunk.
Dua is driving a Chahat car while speaking a joke, who is angry with Chahat. When Dua reads the link horses there is a lot more news on the paper and it says that she will meet the person who loves her the most, Sahil Vinod When Chahat remembers that the only person who loves her the most is Neil, all the moments he spent with her Remembers and then exclaims that he is fine where he is. Neil in the room is surprised that he thinks Chahat is calling him and is surprised when she forgets her thoughts.

When a baby goat appears in the middle of the road, Salog stands up to practice, when Chahat walks towards them, he takes the goat in his arms, she suddenly sees them and all stop by her car.

Tea Salog starts to run away and immediately hugs him asking if he is okay they don’t leave each other who is worried about Sahil and Dua, when they both leave Sahil pushes Salog why he is hugging Tea and where to take care? He stands up, Chahat telling him to curse the boy because he was saving the baby goat’s life and they will be rewarded for it, Dua also asking why he is crying then, Chahat is scared and asked if he can throw him. He mentions wherever he stays in the hotel, Salog leaves but comes back to bless her saying how her good deeds will benefit him, Salog starts crying in tea when he calls her as aunt. Dua goes crazy with Salog and swears to teach her mother a lesson to hug.

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