Qurbaan Hua 2nd April 2021 Written Episode Update: Chahat is reunited with Vyas je at her hospital – Telly Updates

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Neil angrily wipes the water from his wet clothes in the hall, Chahat is running after him, but she can’t catch him and also calls him from behind but he doesn’t listen, she then got a call from the hospital, she wondered what happened in the hospital The phone is ringing, the nurse says they brought a psychiatrist from the street but he is constantly banging his head on the wall so she must come immediately, Chahat tells him to keep his mobile. Done, the nurse told him to calm down after hearing her voice so she should come back immediately, the tea tells him not to talk to the same thing about the old man because he is much older than him, she ended the call.

Running to the room to get the tea key, Sahil asks what happened, she says there is a patient in the hospital who needs to pay attention to her, Sahil tries to stop her but she tells him to leave then make sure. Dua will not take part in the race, Sahil has said that she will not listen to him but Chahat will ask him to speak to her gently, when Sahil says that when he wants to have a nice thought with Neil’s daughter, he throws her down the hill.

When the Prabhas boy came back and saw that Vyas was hitting the wall on his head, they were both thinking of tying him up and giving him an injection. So he faints, stops them from asking what they are doing when they are approaching Chahat because in the hospital he tries to treat patients with a sweetheart, asks them to remove the rope, she asks him to bring a shaving kit in really bad condition, when he shaves his beard When Kelly and Chaat cut their hair, Chahat is shocked to see that Vyas is there, takes her in his hand and asks her how he got to Delhi but she is shocked because he doesn’t even respond, the ward boy brings lunch, Vyas who immediately looks at the meal, Chahat Realizing that we probably don’t have much time to eat, she puts it in front of him and he starts to eat irritated who cares about Chahat, after taking the plate from him she started eating with her own hands, she wondered what she should do now to find out what happened ? To him, the ward boy says they do he has to be tied up once again but the fan stops telling them that he is like her father so don’t worry about them because she will take him to her house.

When Chahat reaches home, he calls Sahil asking why he didn’t come back with Dua. Sahil says that his car is broken so now it will take him a while to take this car five times but it is not true that Dua is ready for the race. Now she can lie, she herself has apologized to Allah for this lie, Dua then leaves her to pray for her when she leaves Sahil wondering how this is really his job.

Fan sits next to Vyas and wonders what might have happened to him in such a state, she wonders who she will call because she can’t even talk to Neil.

Dua is with Salog in the race, he is really nervous and exclaims that this competition is really difficult so it is impossible to win. Who knows maybe he might break some bones, Dua asks why he is so scared that if his mother told him to forget he shouldn’t worry about the outcome before trying and Salokhan stands up when Alkhanand runs towards both of them. He immediately hugged her, she asked how he is and he shouldn’t worry because he will win for sure, she then feeds him curd and sugar, Dua asks him if she gives him strength, Alakhanand is bothered, Salog introduces her Made. After his friend explained that her name was Dua, Alakhananda was surprised that their two names were the same and informed that curd and sugar are her blessings for Salog, so he is able to win the race, Dua wondered if it was really her mother after her Should be close so that she can win the race.

Dua compensates for the wind and starts talking to them as she thinks he will always keep her next to him so she will leave him and when the sound starts coming from the wind she stands up, Neil realizes that it is the same sound he had in the tea, he It seems that Chahat is actually leaning against the wall so she walked slowly towards him, when he saw that she was with a boy, he walked towards them, but accidentally bumped into a flower pot and he stumbled, asking what is wrong with you because Duala gets angry because Need to see him walk away, Neil asks her how she got the wind chime, Dua thinks we will take revenge on her for throwing paint on her, she says she doesn’t own it. And when she found it, Neil ordered her to give him pieces of the wind. But she denies it and says she will give it to them at the reception and leave, Neil wondering if that means the tea is somewhere nearby?

Chahat speaks in the house, Balek answers which makes Chahat angry and ends the call, Balek exclaims that there are some kind of stupid people who don’t even care to answer, then he orders Naveli to bring the bag, Tea wonders what to do and decides again To make the call, the mobile asked the victim to answer, she said hello, when Chahatla realizes that it is the voice of the novel, she mentions that she is out of faith and asks about Vyas, Balek knows that something is wrong so the order is to say Vyas who is not at home, Chahat Asked about his whereabouts but before Naveli could answer anything, Balek warned Nave not to say anything else so that she would have to go to bed without what she was ordered to do. Food.

Chahat wonders what it is because if Vyas J is lost then why no one is looking for him and how Neil is quiet, her plan is to find out what happened to the hat, which ruined Vyas J’s life.

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