Qurbaan Hua 30th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Chahat is adamant to not let Dua participate in the huddle race – Telly Updates

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Dua tells Sahil to get in the car when she was returning after going to the reception, Salog was teased by his friends and he could not get the glasses back, then he tried to mention how not to resort to them. For such a foolish act but they are all constantly bothering him, when they start laughing, someone throws a lot of dust at them and they all fall to the ground, Dua said they should think they should feel bad, she asks how they are feeling? He can’t see, she takes the glasses and Salog helps them wear them, Salog explains that she is his cousin, Dua says she came to fight with him however he is crying, Dua asks if he knows martial arts? , Slog responds that it does not happen and it also causes a person bad events.

The tea in the hotel feels cold so imagine that if Neil was with her he would be shivering with cold and telling her; Shejwan I feel very cold, Sahil who came after her mentions that leaving Neil is her choice then why is she constantly bothering herself.

On the other side Neil is asking the waiter for a little boy, he wonders where Salog has gone, walking a few steps in the tea, crying, Neil is standing behind her and she also feels her presence, she remembers how she tied him to the rope and When she pulled the gun on him, she was walking towards the corner thinking that Neil was near her, she also got his name which he heard, took the key to the tea and turned to find the receptionist, Sahil asks what’s the matter Chahat says there is nothing to worry about and they go to their room To go

Dua is with Salog, asks her if she really wants to be his sister and she should not back down from talking to him because he really wants her sister, Salog then ties rakhi in her hand, children ask what is wrong because usually sisters Tying the rakhi on the brothers’ hands, Dua asks what it is because she can protect her brother, she takes many steps back and then advises Salog to get down on her knees and promises to teach them a lesson. After winning the huddle race, Sahil calls her and explains that her father is calling and she leaves.

Standing in a row, Neil asks why he wants to leave and not take part in the race, Salog says there is a girl there, after seeing her he thinks he can’t beat her and so doesn’t want to ruin her. His reputation, Neil warns him not to panic because he doesn’t feel well when his son is scared, he asks if Salog will understand after the cheating, Neil feels severe pain in his head and dizziness before fainting. Bed, Salog was upset at what he could do.

Chahat comes to the reception wondering what Sahil and Dua are doing in the room, as they don’t even open the door, Chahat hears Sahil’s voice begging Dua not to practice anymore but she is stubborn to win the race, wondering what Dua is practicing and then Huddle sees the race board, thinking that Dua and Sahil have hidden the news from her, she goes crazy, not wanting to lose Neil’s last memory, so she decides not to let Dua take part.

Chahat runs to the reception and asks the manager for the race, Chahat is surprised that she won’t let Duala take part in the race and they will leave after the holidays, a boy stumbles over Chaat, sees what is the problem, asks what the problem is , So he is looking for a doctor. Chahat offers to help, Salog immediately runs to the foot air, Chahat wonders why she feels affection after meeting the child, Chaat leads the child to take her to the room.

Chahat stops in the room to see that the person is unconscious, Chahat thinks Neil is calling her, she exclaims that she hasn’t forgotten him even after six years, she sits next to Neil but suddenly the lights go off, they both wonder what they can do, salog Advising to turn off the emergency light from her father’s mobile, Chahat agrees but couldn’t find the mobile, but after Chahat touched her hand, she thought she was really close to Neil. Salog was able to locate the mobile and turn off the lights asking what had happened, Chahat says it was a panic attack and she had to be injected by injection, Salog has supported her after Chahat injected. His father would be fine, Salog begs him to check his eyes too, she takes the mobile closer but as her face starts to turn, the battery of the mobile runs out and she shuts off.

Salog worries about what will happen next, Chahat doesn’t worry about him because his father is fine, offers to stay with her if she is scared, Salog refuses saying Dulo will need her and she has already done a lot for him. Tea agrees, but when she stands up and gets stuck in the cuffs of her double blue shirt, she panics and can’t figure out who that person really is.

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