RadhaKrishn 2nd April 2021 Written Episode Update: Shankhchurn Loses His Powers – Telly Updates

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Krishna was dressed when he offered to show his lineage to Shankhachurna Tulsi. Tulsi says that he is very worried about her, he loves her more now. She wipes her tears and walks away. Krishna hears the sound of Radha’s trousers and becomes aware. Radha smokes that Krishna forgot her while trying to lure Tusli, she will not leave him. Shankhachur took Tulsi to his family where brutal atrocities are being perpetrated on the citizens. Citizens urged him to be released and to leave with his family. Shankhachuran ordered the guards to torture him again. Seeing this, Tulsi was shocked and asked who they were. Krishna says he is a prisoner and that is his future because it happens after the war. He asks Tulsi why she is suffering, he will show her other dynasties. She said that’s enough, she doesn’t want to see anything else. He says he still has a lot and takes her along. Tulsi cries out when she sees civilians being harassed and says she never thought the consequences of the war would happen later. He says if this happens, she will show him other places. She walks away saying she is tired and rests for a while.

While fighting the gods, Shankhacharan feels weak and wonders how his weapon will fail. He sees our strengths as weak and wonders how this will happen. Tulsi returns to the palace and wonders how she can tell Shankhacharan that she doesn’t; She wants her love power not to be the cause of destruction, she doesn’t know anyone to realize her temptation.

Radha tries to enter the city of Shankhachurn in disguise. The guards stop her and ask who she is. She says that Shankhachuran’s dear friend is Madhavi and asks Shankhacharan to inform her that he has brought gifts. The guards inform Krishna about this, who asks her to take him to their meeting. He thinks that Madhav’s Madhavi has come to meet him, she doesn’t know what Shankhacharan looks like and she doesn’t know where he is. Radha is waiting for Krishna and wonders why she has not come yet. He goes to the meeting and hides. Radha finds him and goes to the throne of Shankhachur. Krishna dressed up how daring she is to insult his throne, she may be Madhavi but cannot insult him. She is aware of Krishna and will sit on the throne. He continues acting. She confronts him. Their discussion begins. Radha said she got busy with her fans and forgot about her. He continues his justice. Tulsi walks inside and asks Madhavi who she is. Krishna turns to Shankhacharan and says that she is Madhavi, a maid captured in battle and she helped in every phase of the war and will now serve Tulsi, she got a special gift for Tulsi. Radha shows defeat. Tulsi was happy to see the gift. Krishna was told to grab the necklace and put it around Tulsi’s neck. She says she will do it herself. He insists and fixes her neck. Madhavi said that she will leave now that her work is done. Tulsi said that she is her guest and will not let her go like that and will take her with her. Krishna smiled.

Shankhacharan sees his soldiers dying and thinks that he is not killing so many of his soldiers at once. His commander informs them that they have lost a lot of soldiers and if this continues they will lose the war. You need to visit Tulsi to solve this problem. Tulsi tells Madhavi that she loves Shankhacharan very much. Madhavi says that conch powder is very good and he got strength due to his love for Tulsi. Tulsi asks if she is in love with someone. Madhavi says yes, but she is not married to him and love is higher than all bonding. Tulsi said that she was not happy to see what Shankhacharan got out of her love and did not dare to tell him about it. Madhavi says that there is no greater patience than love and if she loves someone, it is important to know if that person loves her.

Prep: Krishna tells Radha that Goddess Tusli speaks with love, but holds hands. Radha tells him to release his hand and calls Tulsi. Seeing him, Tulsi went inside and stood still. Shankhacharan entered the palace.

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