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Krishna tells Radha that this problem is very difficult, so she should not fall into it. Radha said it was a question of a woman’s dignity. Krishna says that Tulsi does not love Shankhacharan much anymore because she understands that Shankhacharan does not love her, that is why the power of Shankhacharan is diminishing and she is a beginning of her end so she should not interfere. Radha says she can’t leave Tulsi like that and when he tries to explain to her, he leaves. Radha returned to Tulsi as Madhavi. Tulsi asks if she is not gone yet? Tulsi asks that she is not gone yet but Radha says that she will not be worshiped till her puja is completed because her love is great. You thank her and ask if her prayers are reaching Sancharan. Radha recalled Krishna’s words and said that she should get rid of bad memories of her loved one like removing flower thorns, then everything will be fine. Tulsi reminded Shankhacharan of his love for her and prayed with a smile.

The power of the conch returns and begins to defeat the gods. He is happy and keeps attacking the gods. Tulsi thanks Madhavi for giving her this idea and asks her to promise not to go until her love for Shankhacharan returns. Radha promises her. She returns to her room and tries to unpack her bag. Krishna goes to her and says that the potli knot will not open because she was strengthened by her promise. Radha says only bad can happen to her and nothing else. Krishna said that the moment that Tulsi spent with him was not given to Shankhchurna but to Tulsi. She thinks that only Tulsi’s wish should be fulfilled but Krishna cannot lose at any cost.

As Shankhacharan returned happily to Tulsi, Krishna changed his disguise again. Tulsi says he is happy, he seems to have won today. He bows his head and apologizes to her. Request not to do that. “I’m not ashamed to apologize to him with a bowed head,” he says. She always begs him to stay that way and hugs him. Seeing this, Radha entered and became sad. Krishna thinks that he told her that she could not bear the pain after making a promise to Tulsi. Radha left.

The soldiers applauded the conch. Shankhacharan says that he is more powerful than before and they will attack all the people. All the kings are afraid of him and even Krishna, the king of the earth, is afraid of him; Even Mahadev cannot defeat him so they will attack Kailash’s people. Gauri heard Mahadev asking him if he wanted to attack his people with a cruel conch shell and he asked if he would face Shankhacharan. Mahadev says that his idol Narayan will protect all forms. Gauri said that she did not know if Krishna could stop Shankhacharan. Mahadev is part of Krishna’s plan. Seeing Krishna’s temptation of Tulsi, Gauri became worried about Radha’s anger.

Krishna goes to Radha and torments her. She angrily tells him to get out of here. He has just ordered her to clean the room and they should know about the consequences of spoiling the room. She says that now he is behaving like a conch and she will punish him. He says he told her it was inappropriate to stay back, so she had to see it all. She asks him if he wants to get close to Tulsi. He says that Tulsi was close to Shankhacharan. She said she saw him, not Conch. He asks not to fight like asorse. She told him to go as he had stopped to fulfill his promise. They put pillows on each other.

Shankhacharan walks towards Kailash and says that he will conquer and control the whole world. The gods think that Mahadev is meditating, who will now protect Kailash. There is a God who says that there is a power that can stop a cone. Balram thinks that Radha and Krishna went nowhere uninformed. The gods appear and plead to protect Kailash from the conch while he is attacking Kailash. Ballarma is surprised and asks how this is possible. God says that it was because of Radha and Krishna that they increased Tulsi’s love for Shankhacharan and by the power of her love he is conquering the whole world, so he should protect Kailash. Balaram told them to stop Shankhacharan from attacking Kailas until he was satisfied. God says that it is Krishna who has increased the power of Shankhacharan. Balram promises to talk to Krishna.

Krishna asks Radha to talk to him. She says she doesn’t waste time. He says he came to waste her time and used to fight with her. Tulshi went to Madhavi’s room and there asked Shankhachur what he was doing here, she came to help Madhavi in ​​arranging the pooja. Shankhacharan asked Madhavi to go with Tulsi. Radha agreed and Tulsi left. Krishna throws a pillow at Radha again and says that if she is sad, she should tell Tulsi to tell the truth. She says he told himself that when the time came, they would tell him that she had come here to fulfill the promise she had made to Tulsi, all because of him and the cruel conch. He asks her if she really thinks about all her mistakes and they say that he will not tell Tulsi without asking Radha and will let Tulsi do whatever he wants. She says she doesn’t care. He then asks not to blame him. He says he should finish the conch. He says as she wishes.

PeepCap: Radha gave Krishna her ready-made kheer. Krishna says that he will have only Tulsi ready kheer. Tulsi feeds him and Radha after a while. Tulsi stops her when she notices.

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