RadhaKrishn 7th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Tulsi’s Surprising Decision – Telly Updates

Written part of Radhakrishna 7 April 2021, written update on teleupdates.com

Tulsi told Madhavi / Radha that she has organized a special pooja today. Madhavi asked the reason for worshiping. Tulsi said she can’t reveal it. Madhavi said that she would stay till the pooja. Shankhachur reached Kailas with his army and challenged Mahadev. Balaram reaches the border of Shancharan’s kingdom and thinks that he should not enter through the main gate because the guards will realize that he is a warrior and there will be a quick battle, so he has to find some more way to enter.

Don’t get angry at Radha thinking that she prepares kheer for Krishna. Krishna smelled kheer. Radha offers him kheer and tells him to finish it before worshiping Tulsi. It will only come from the hands of Tulsi, he says. She says think again because maybe her ready kheer won’t happen again. He says she is fulfilling her wish. Tulshi went inside and asked Shankhachur what he was doing here and offered him Pooja Prasad. She looked at Kheer and asked Madhavi what it was. She says Maharaj’s Kheer. Tulsi said she did not know that Maharaj liked kheer. Shankhachuran / Krishna says that kheer is his favorite food. She says weird and makes kheer for him. He scolds Radha.

Shankhachur reached the Kailasa border with his army. Goddess Gauri gets worried and tells Mahadev that brother Krishna is not worried at all and he has not come here, so he should stop Shankhacharan. Mahadev says that I am not bothered at all because only Krishna will do whatever he wants. The Ganarayas entered and requested to come with the army of Shankhachurn. Mahadev says that Krishna will help them. He says he has already enlisted the help of Bleram. Mahadev says let’s see what Balram does. Balram tried the kingdom of Shankhachur in the guise of a woman Manjari. The guard stops him and orders the juniors to arrest her. Balram beats them all and walks around saying she is an endless cat.

Tulsi gave her prepared kheer to Shankhachuran / Krishna. He appreciates its taste. Tulsi then asks Madhavi to serve her kheer now. Madhavi tried to feed her with her hands. Tulsi stops her and tells Maharaj not to touch her. Radha gives him kheer. He eats it and says that it is not tastier than basil kheer. Radha angrily took the kheer. Balram walks up to her and reveals that she is her Balram Dau and asks why Kanha is dressing up as Shankhacharan and making her play. Radha says Krishna’s all his plans. Krishna recognizes Balaram by entering. Balram asks what is happening. Krishna says that it is Radha’s plan, not theirs, Radha is hungry so he asks her to give him kheer. She refuses. He insists and takes the kheer from her. She left. Balram asks what he is doing here instead of fighting Shankhacharan as he has reached Kailas. That conch shell has come to an end and Radha will be amazed to hear a secret of Tulsi. Balram says he doesn’t know what to say but Shankhacharan doesn’t want a big accident if he doesn’t want to destroy Kailash. Shankhachur challenges Mahadeva to fight him instead of sending Ganapati and start defeating Ganapati.

Radha goes to Tulsi and sees her decorating her room and asks what she is doing. Tulsi said that seeing her love for him, he fell in love with Shankhacharan again and he wants to get married again. Radha was saddened by Krishna’s warning and special secret worship of Tulsi.

Prep: Tulsi tells her and Shankhachur / Krishna will start ferres and ask Madhavi to put flowers on them. Conch is constantly fighting with gangrates. Mahakali attacks him.

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