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Tulsi tells Madhavi / Radha that she wants to marry Shankharna again and calls her to help her in arranging the marriage. Radha is shocked and sad. Tulsi says that flowers will flow on Madhavi’s wedding and it will be thrilling. Shankarn has continued to attack Ganarayana and has challenged Mahadeva to stop the challenge and fight him. Awaken Mahadev from the meditation place, otherwise Shankharna will destroy the entire Kailasa, pleaded Goddess Gauri. Radha takes Balram / Manjari to Tulsi and introduces her as her friend. Tulsi asks for her help at the wedding and asks where Shankarn is. Radha said she saw him in her room. Tulsi says, let’s go to his room and bring him for the wedding. They all look for 3 Shankarn / Krishna and can’t find him. Radha thinks that if Krishna leaves there, she will not be able to see him marrying Tulsi.

Shankuran is challenging Mahadev to fight him instead of hiding. If Goddess Gauri does not ask Mahadev to get up, she will protect Kailash. Mahadev keeps meditating. Goddess Gauri takes her black incarnation and challenges Shankhacharan. Mahadev hid and Shekharn smiled and he sent a woman to fight. Kali hints that he is powerful because of the power of the woman and the boundless love he has for his wife. Shankar is constantly insulting Kali. Upon entering Krishna, the angry Kali ran to him to attack him and begged her to stop and let him handle the issue. Sankaran laughed that Krishna also came and he would kill them both. Black more smoke. Krishna says that even Mahadev wants him to handle this question and requests her to go back to Mahadev. Kali reminds me of Mahadev and disappears from there.

Krishna reminded Sridhama that he begged them to punish him for his sins and he told him that he would be born in a different incarnation like him and Radha. He pleads with Shankarn that he is lucky to have a loving wife and that his strengths are due to her, that he has got what he has today because of his wife’s love, so he should not destroy everything. Krishna, too, is frightened and smiles at the fact that he is trying to escape from the battle. Krishna continues his long explanation, but Shankarn is adamant.

Leaving there, Krishna went to Mahadev and asked him to open his eyes. Mahadev opens his eyes and asks what is his order now? Krishna had earlier decided to fight Shankarn. Goddess Gauri asks if you don’t want to fight Shankorn. Krishna said that it was already decided that Mahadev would fight Shankuran and it was his duty to inform Mahadev when Shankhuran could be defeated in the whole universe as Mahadev. Goddess Gauri asks why they are increasing the power of Shankhacharan by increasing Tulsi’s love for him. He says it will soon disappear and tells Mahadev to keep Shankarn engaged in the war until he is told. Mahadev agrees with Shankarn and argues.

Prep: Tulshi asks Krishna if Shankharna is on the other side. Krishna reveals his identity. Tulsi curses Krishna that he will be turned into a stone forever.

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