Rakhi Sawant upset over lockdown; says ‘I will start doing Kathak’ – Telly Updates

These paps snapped while Rakhi Sawant was coming out of the zoo studio recently. Rakhi was pleasantly surprised to see the sins there. Rakhi enjoys being followed everywhere and asks her if her driver is their secret message?

Rakhi was not in a good mood as she had just come for her workout to find out that the studio was closed due to her order. However, Rakhi missed the opportunity of Roundways with the Pandavas and said, “How will you find me? Your life has become a mess. Where do we go I will start practicing dance at home. I will do kathak and dance dramas and shake the whole building. Corona will leave the building. I am not the person sitting at home. ”

When asked if she had seen the music video of Paras Chhabra and Rubina Dilaik’s ‘Galat’, she said that she has not come yet but ‘good luck’.

While she was signing out, a fan came to take a selfie with her, when he was not wearing a mask, she refused him. She asked him to put on a mask and said, ‘The state is in lockdown because of people like you’.