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Riddhima reached the mall and soon she found a gift shop and she went inside to find gift options and soon she found a couple and then she also found some interesting for the couple and she immediately remembered Rehan and Sia and fell in love with them and decided to buy one for them and soon She sorted everything out and went to wrap it up as well as to counter the bill.

And soon everything was in order and she paid for it and got both gifts and started walking towards the parking lot and she got in the car and went to the cafe, but suddenly a black Mercedes hit the windscreen of her car and the next moment the wing mirrors the floor. There was and Riddhima’s anger reached the next level and she immediately got out and looked back and Mercedes parked a few blocks away from her and the next moment she thought of closing the car door without closing it. The car and the owner of the car were talking to someone on the phone so she knocked on the window and the next moment rolled down the glass and the next moment she forgot everything lost in the dark black body looking at her with a shocking expression (guessing who is there in the car 🤭🤭) And Riddhima got out of the car before she got out of her trance and he immediately grabbed her tight hug and even forgetting everything, Riddhima also responded to her hug and felt his hand on her talk.

Person: Finally, I found you, I knew you were alive and 😇🙂

And this caused Riddhima to come back and she immediately pushed him with all her endurance and shouted at him

Idddhima: What happens? Why do you touch me like that Who are you and who gave you the right to touch such a person? 🧐🤔

Person: hi Ddhima, I am a family, your family 😍🥴😍

Idddhima: What? How and when did you become my descendant? And you are pulling such cheap tricks because I don’t want to compensate you for the damage done by my car but I’m telling you, Mr. Mine is not a vanish I will not leave you. 😣😖

Race: I don’t want to solve either. 😍😎🤓

Idddhima: What? 🤨🧐

But so far Vanash has concluded that hi Ddhima refuses to recognize him because she is still angry with him so he knelt down and took Riddhima’s hand he spoke

Race: hi Ddhima, I’m sorry, I know I was wrong at the time but I’ve already suffered a lot so please don’t be stubborn and please forgive me and come back to my life. 😣😔 (So ​​what’s the idea then? 🧐🤔🤨🧐)

And this man’s behavior bothered Riddhima and to some extent she got scared so she freed herself from him and ran to her own car to save herself instead of getting compensation.

And here Vanhas concludes that hi Ddhima is not ready to forgive him so easily that he swears an immediate hook or ugly oath to win her back, so he starts chasing her and soon she sees her own face twisting.

And here Riddhima tried to open the door but then she found out that she had locked the car without keys and mobile and now her mobile is ringing inside and she can’t open the door and she broke her hand and grumbled

“How can I make such a foolish mistake? “🤨🧐

And the lineage behind her heard her, and in his sharp voice he answered her question

Race: “Probably because you are so lost in my thoughts. “😍😎

And hearing this Riddhima’s heartbeat became faster than usual and she felt the heat on her face and now her tangled hair will give her blue pink cheeks another reason to bother the race and she too was surprised by such a result. She turned on her body but controlling it, and in a fit of rage she replied

Hi Ddhima: It is half true, it is because of you but I am not lost in your thoughts because you have damaged my car and now it will be too late to meet me and my phone is also inside. 😐😣😵

And all of a sudden her voice started to crack and some tears formed in her eyes but she dried her nose and just continued in the audible voice.

Hi Ddhima: And maybe because of you I can miss the meeting and I don’t even have a phone so Rehan can’t tell her and I want to call Sia to find her address but that won’t be possible either. . 😏😒😔

And the clan was listening to her and hearing Sia’s name. His eyes sparkled and he answered in his usual quiet voice.

Race: You can call from my mobile and you will be dropped off wherever you want and I will also compensate for the loss. 🤓😎

And after thinking for a while Riddhima felt it was more appropriate to continue fighting with him so she just nodded and Vansh sent his mobile to her and she dialed Rehan’s number and immediately Rehan answered him (Rdhima was very involved in her thinking she didn’t even notice the process) This number has already been saved on this mobile, indicating that Rehan’s name appears on the screen after dialing)

And as soon as Rehan answers the call, Rehan can’t say anything before anyone on this side says anything

“Hey Dynasty, I went there to visit but I will leave because I have lost my nephew and I need to find him. “😐😔

And as soon as the words were written in the mind of iddhima she became conscious and immediately fainted and fortunately Vansh stood behind her and immediately grabbed her in her arms and wondered what happened on the call but first he put Riddhima in the back seat and then he fainted. Checked his dial list and was surprised to see Rehan’s number, but still sent the letter again as he wanted to know what he had told her.

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