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Part starts with

Angry: Ishani, how did you get here?

Ishani: Angre, I saw you and Riddhima going out. The brothers have instructed me not to let you go out. So, I thought of following you.

Angry: Ishani, why did you do that?

Ishani: Angre, I’m glad I followed you. So, I was able to save you.

Angry: Race, start the car. We’ll take her to the hospital.

Race: Okay .. come soon ..

Saying so, the family goes. Angre raises Ishani from the outside with his hand and goes with Riddhima.


The doctor was treating Ishani. Angre, Vansh and Riddhima were parked outside the ICU. The doctors come out.

Race: Doctor, what happened? Is she ok

Doctor: She is in a dangerous area. We are planning the operation. Give us an hour. We will try our best.

Anger: Doctor, please do something.

Doctor: Don’t worry .. we will do our best to save her ..

Saying this, the doctors leave.

The clan looks at Ishani from outside and cries.

Angry: Nation, I need to talk to you ..

Lineage: Tell me ..

Anger: Come with me ..

Saying this, he takes Vansh out of the hospital.

Race: Tell me, angry ..

Angry: Nation, do you believe me?

Clan: Orange, what happened to you? You are not just my friend. You are the only person in this world who understood and believed in me and supported me throughout my life. How do you ask such questions?

Anger: Dynasty, answer me .. do you believe me?

Race: More than me .. Now tell me ..

Anger: Descendants, Ishani loves me. Please Vansh, don’t miss me .. I turned down Ishani’s proposal. You are the first reason behind my decision. I just thought, what would you think of me, if you found out about it? Besides, I thought it was just an attraction. I told her about it too. She tried her best to make me understand her love. But, I did not accept it. You are the first thing that stops me .. I never knew her love. I denied her love again and again .. Now, I understood her love .. It was not an attraction. She really loves me that she was even willing to die for me. She risked her life to save me. She took the pill for me today. She risked her life without even thinking about herself, her family, her friends. Today she is in this state only because of me.

That’s when Riddhima comes there and listens to their conversation.

Anger: She proved her love and now I understand her love. Today I am afraid of losing her. This is the first time I’m feeling this way, I’m wrong. Yes dress i love her… i love ishani ..You are the first person in the world to hear this. Yes descent, I didn’t even tell her. I am telling you this because I want you to stop this marriage .. When she opens her eyes, I want to relieve stress. Because, these three days she was not happy. I know she cried a lot because of me. These three days were the cause of her tears. I don’t want to see the tears in her eyes anymore. I want to see her happy. So, please Vanish please, stop this marriage … I promise you that I will take care of Ishani for the rest of my life. I always keep her happy .. Please descent .. Will you accept my love? Will you stop this marriage? You have always been with me in all my decisions .. I need your support in my love too ..

Just then, Riddhima got a call and she left.

Race: Angre, I already know about this? One day, I heard Ishani talking to Riddhima. I found out about her proposal and your rejection .. That day I decided to help my sister in her love. Because, I know that no one will be more discounted on her than my girlfriend.

Angry: lineage ..

Clan: Yes .. I accepted her love and was waiting for your proposal ..

Raga: Then, morning ..

Race: I had all the plans. I thought jealousy would bring out your love. Vihan is my friend. Even though he knows about your love story. We both drew and did this play. We expect you to stop this engagement. But, you didn’t do that. In fact, we both feared that our plan would fail. But, in the end, you know your love. I also knew that she was not happy in this marriage. I even saw her crying .. but, I controlled myself. I thought those tears were the key to your heart.

Angre wiped away his tears and hugged him.

Raag: Thanks you once .. Thank you very much .. Now I am waiting for Ishani to open her eyes ..

News: Don’t worry. Nothing will happen to her .. In the end, a good thing happened because of that Aryan ..

Anger: Oh no !!

Race: What happened?

Anger: Aryan has been released. I completely forgot about him. Now, he is very dangerous .. He will go to any extent to win .. Now what do we do?

News: Don’t worry. He can’t go out and walk down the street. Because, I have informed Adhavik about Aryan. He has informed the entire city police force. Now he is the most wanted criminal in this city. He has also informed all the news channels and he has also published the news. So, whoever sees him, they will immediately inform us .. He must be hiding somewhere. He can’t hide for long. But, until then, you have to be careful. Well, you go inside. I’ll be there in minutes.

Anger: OK.

Saying that, he goes ..

Clan: (Thinking) Aryan, the last time you ran away. But this time you will not be able to escape from me. But where are you

PRECAP: You won your challenge.

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