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Scene 1
7:00 AM
A girl was asleep and she was having a beautiful dream but suddenly the alarm went off and she woke up and when she saw the time she went to the other room and started shouting, “Sejal how many times have I told you. You have to wake yourself up. I’m not always there to wake you up like an alarm clock. “When she had finished, Sejal woke up and hugged her tightly and said in a sleepy tone,” I know you’ve told me a thousand times to get up. “But I have told you ten thousand times not to talk about leaving me and to eat with the mind that you will always be with me .. and wake me up. काही There is nothing that can separate you and our friendship Riddhima”
Yes, that girl was Riddhima, she had tears in her eyes till now.

Then she hugged me and said, “Okay, don’t start your play early again. There is all day left to do the play. And we are getting up late.”

Sorry for not having a beautiful and huge castle in the second house scene shift
While a man was packing his bag, suddenly a little boy came up behind him and hugged him.

Boy: Dad, why are you leaving? Is it necessary .. Who will save me from my mother’s bad things? When you don’t come to her, you take advantage of her and take revenge on me and swear at me more than usual.

Man: – So my son wants to save me from his mother… .Aksh how many times I have told her that she loves you so much and she is not your enemy that she will take revenge… She just insults you because you don’t listen to her. And if that’s my trip, I’ll be back in 2 days… you don’t have to worry. You have to endure her bewilderment

A woman enters

Lady: -Your children have started complaining about me now .. Now you are not late…. And Akshara Ja is waiting for you at your breakfast table….

Akshay cut her in the middle and said mom first say goodbye to my darling dad because I can’t hug him for 48 hours

Lady: – You and your logic… if I get food from this boy… then you are entering my nerves

Seeing this scene, an angry face came to him and said, “Okay, now you two stop and eat your breakfast first …”
And Ishani was complaining about you a few minutes ago and he started again.

Ishani: – Well, I’m not saying anything, but you should do it soon, otherwise your flight will be canceled.

Angre packed his things and said goodbye to everyone, and when he was about to leave, he saw a van coming from the park.

Angre: – Boss I am going to Jaipur..and call me if there is any problem

Race: – Okay I… Don’t worry now and have a pleasant journey.… .Bai ..

Irritated leaves

Axis: – Mamu, you are not coming with me to drop you off at school.

Race: – Yes Axis I’m coming with you कर Have your breakfast. I’m just N.C. I will change the track suit and I will join you.

In the scene of Sejal and Hi going to Ddhima again, they were locking the main door… and then a taxi came and they left for the office… they were going to Sejal’s office for some work

In a taxi

Riddhima: – I am late for my hospital because of your sejal.

Sejal: – uff oo Don’t start complaining now..if you think you can go straight to your hospital then we can do the project later because it doesn’t matter

Riddhima: Are you sure?

Sejal: – And I’m 100% sure.

Hi Ddhima: – Brother, stop the bus… Bye Sejal, see you in the evening ..

Sejal: Bye take care

Scene 3

Axis: – Buddy Nani (meaning family or grandmother here) One thing I can ask is how different Mamu and Ai are from each other, I am Mamu Soo polite..and mother ..

Ishani: – If you only have the courage to complete the sentence, I will not leave you… Wait and see ..

Then came Vance …

Lineage: – Ishani, why are you always wearing Aksha, he was asking why you are so different from me 😉 .😉 (Winks)

Ishani: – Brother, you are not angry at first, he always saves me from my annoyance, then you are doing the same.

Race: – Because he’s a champ.… We’re getting late. Let’s go to the champ.

They both leave.

Grandmother: -Aksh is the youngest member of our family so everyone loves him very much and so does Vamsa..but when Aksha came, Vansh started smiling from the bottom of his heart… before that he did not speak well to anyone ..

(So ​​here is the past tense of Vansh along with Ragini .. but in this Ragini there is a man killed by his mother ..)

Ishani: – Right Grandma, I only pray to God that some girl should come in brother’s life and do as our brother did होते

Shift for re-view Vansh and Axis who were in the car and talking

And in the meantime Riddhima was also crossing the road. When BMW Riddhima was about to crush Bam…

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