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Part start ..

She was Riddhima .. (Many of you have guessed it)

He slapped the goon hard.

Riddhima- how dare you .. there is no mother or sister in your place

Then she stabbed another goon who was pointing a knife at Ishani’s neck. He released Ishani and said, “Go, I will manage them.”

Ishani was terrified… but the girl who saved her could not be left alone .. just a few minutes ago ..

She also starts helping him.

They both started kicking and punching at what they could do at any time to free themselves.

But unfortunately they were not able to because there were only two of them and the number of goons was three.

Goon 3 pushed Ishani aside .. he couldn’t get up ..

Hooligan 1-Your courage, see what I do now. (Riddhimala)

He gets a knife and goes to her. The clan came and grabbed the knife. He beats the goons.

Other goons attack. He fights them. But one of the goons slapped him on the head with an iron rod.

The goons fled.

Soon Riddhima was weakened by the pain… and her head started bleeding ..

Just as she was about to fall to the ground, Wash came running towards her and took her in his arms.

Vamsha- Ishani do you know her?

Ishani- no brother i don’t even know her name..he helped me brother helped save her…

At that time Aranya and Sejal come to the place where the painting was done.

Aryan-Riddhima !!!!

Sejal-Lake takes her to the hospital .. Sejal says that she tied Riddhima’s head with a scarf and asked her to stop the bleeding ..

She was crying

Descendants picked her up in their arms and ran towards the car. While Aryan was driving, Sejal injured Ishani in her leg.

Some of them were admitted to the hospital

In the car

Sejal-Thanks Ishani for calling us ..

Flashback: –

When Riddhima was arguing with goons.

And Ishani was pushed that she somehow got Riddhima’s call and not the last time. Called and was Aryan.

Ishani: -Hello

Aryan: – Hello Riddhu

Ishani: -Some goons helped us ..

Aryan: -Hello, hello. ???

Call cut ..

Aryan somehow managed to track her down.

Flashback finished ..

Powell of Sejal

I was just trembling with fear as she had a very bad experience. I hope she is OK

Sejal: – Open your eyes Riddhima ..

Sejal was crying seeing the condition of her friends.

He reached the hospital.

Aryan: – Doctor Doctor please check her ..

Doctor: – Don’t worry pls wait outside.

External: –

Race: – (consoling Aryan) Don’t worry she has been beaten with an iron rod .. A doctor will check to see if she will be cured ..

I’m sorry I can’t save her..he helped my sister..and ..

Ishani: – Don’t blame yourself brother you saved her from attacking her … She is fine, she is strong ..

Aryan and Sejal were shocked.

Aryan: – Thank you so much.

Descendants: – Welcome I am Descendant Riya Singhania .. You can call me Vanash ..

Sejal: – Thank you very much Mr. Vansh for saving my dear friend.

Race: – It’s okay to be your best friend in the way that it was my duty to be brave… and I want to thank her personally for saving my sister.

Sejal: – Ishani, you are fine .. your leg is injured ..

Ishani: Don’t worry, it’s just a small sprain.

The doctor comes ..

Doctor: – Don’t worry, she only has a head injury .. I have done dressing .. She will be fine. She is unconscious now. She will be aware of the pain and the effect of the medicine after some time.

Aryan: Thank you doctor.

The doctors leave.

Aryan: – Stay with Sejal Riddhima. I am going to take some medicine.

You can leave Srivansh. We are at Riddhima.

Race: – No, we won’t wait until she realizes it.

Aryan: Well, as you wish.

Aryan leaves.

Ishani: – Brother BTW how do you know that I am here .. and I need help ..

Clan: – You forgot that you were talking to Angre..tell me your location… wait where is my phone ..

Nurse: – Sir, this is your phone.

Race: – Thank you… Yes it’s my phone ..

Race: – See Angre’s 10 escape calls to Ishani

The clan’s call came again that he was just angry ..

Angre: – Boss Ish… .And… Am I okay ??

Lineage: – Calm down, she’s fine with anger .. I’ll catch you later ..

The nurse comes: -Sara’s patient is aware ..

Sejal ran ..

Sejal: Are you all right Riddhu ?? Is it hurting a lot ??

Hi Ddhima: – Yes, I’m fine .. I’m in a little pain .. I’m fine, stop crying now ..

Sejal: Well, I’m not crying .. Do you want anything ?? (Carefully ..)

Hi Ddhima: -Now tell me, is she okay ??

Ishani: Yes, I am fine. Thank you all! Thank you so much for saving me.

Clan: – Thank you so much for saving my sister ..

Idd Ddhima: – I don’t need to thank you .. I am happy .. BTW I am Riddhima Dr. Riddhima is ..

Clan: – So you are a doctor. Vamsa Rai Singhania

Ishani: And I am her sister Ishani Rai Singhania.

Hi Ddhima: – Thank you Srivansh for saving me .. from those goons

Clan: -It was my duty .. don’t give thanks ..

Sejal: – Oh, I forgot to know myself. I am Sejal Riddhima’s best friend.

Descendant, Ishani: – Nice to meet you ..

Sejal: – Here too ..

Ishani’s Pow

Why is Bhai Wired behaving .. She was in a lot of pain when she was injured.

Pow of the dynasty

Why do I feel bad for her… I didn’t feel like that to anyone

The room was very quiet then Aryan go inside ..

Aryan: – Riddhi, you are OK.

Hi Ddhima: – Yes Aryan I am fine .. don’t worry ..

Aryan hugged her and said I’m sorry I wasn’t there when you needed me.

Hi Ddhima: – Why are you okay to stop this arena..forget about your punishment ..

Aryan: – So don’t forget it .. I wish you lost your memory, it will get better

Everyone laughs ..

Pow of the dynasty

Why am I jealous बरोबर with this Aryan कसा how he was hugging her

Race: – I think we should leave… All formalities are completed… She has been released

Hi Ddhima: – Yes I want to go home… I don’t like living here anymore ..

Prep: – Aren: – I love you Will you marry me ..

Race: – How dare you ??😠😠

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