Riansh (ishq mein marjawan 2) a different love story episode 9 – Telly Updates

The episode begins with:

The clan approached Riddhima and whispered in her ear. She remains stunned. She moves towards Hrithika and slaps her face hard.

Hrithika (shouts): How dare you !!!!

Clan: You deserve Hrithik!

Ritika: Sir.

Clan: Close! You can’t see the bandage on her hand. Then this foolish punishment is also asking.

Hrithika is jealous again.

Ritika: You are a cheap girl !! I don’t know what magic you did to the clan chiefs. He’s just taking care of her. He never did this with any of the students. You’re trying to catch him. You cheap.

Descent (shouting in anger): Enough

Tears well up in Hrithika’s eyes.

Lineage: Riddhima !! Stop crying !! Don’t take this stupid girl’s words seriously.

The dynasty wiped away Riddhima’s tears. She looks at him. Ishq Mein Marjawan Natak Karto.

Race: Hrithika dropped out of class.

Hrithika: Sir, what happened to you? You are talking about this girl

Race: Calm down and get out before I order you to ban this college.

Ritika passed away. The clan took Riddhima to his cabin.

Race: Riddhima sorry for everything that happened today. First it was Kabir .. now it is Ritika ..

Idddhima: It wasn’t your fault sir .. please don’t say sorry.

The clan smiled and nodded. Suddenly something hit him.

Race: As such, your punishment was incomplete. (Wink)

Idd Ddhima (making a beautiful face): Sir ..

Vansh smiled at her cute face.

Race (thought): She looks so beautiful !! I can’t stop loving her. Wait, I have to act like a teacher.

Race: Your sentence was really incomplete so now you will definitely get it.

Hi Dhima: Sir please ..

Race: Stand outside my cabin holding your ears all day.

Idd Dhima (Hadar) whole day !!!!!

Descent: Yes fast!

Idd Dhima grabbed her ear and stood there.

Hi Ddhima: I can’t go out. Everyone will make fun of me! Please sir! (Sad face)

Descendants can’t ignore her cuteness and cute requests.

Race: Okay just stand here.

Seeing her face, Vanash burst out smiling.

Riddhima: Sir why are you smiling?

Race (not trying to laugh): Nothing ..

The tribe turned their faces and smiled again.

Idddhima (thought): I am hungry but how can I escape from this man of punishment!

Hi Ddhima: Sir ..

Lineage: Yes.

Hi Ddhima: I’m hungry.

Pretending to have an angry face, Vanas chases her away.

Idddhima: No, no, I’m not hungry, sir. I was just saying that.

The clan nodded and turned his face away and burst out laughing again.

Race (thought): I’m bothering her.

Suddenly a professor came inside. Riddhima immediately turned her face towards the wall so that he could not see her.

PROFESSOR: Good morning sir.

Lineage: Good morning. How did you get here

The professors explain the reason and they have a discussion about it.

PROFESSOR: Thank you sir.

The professors leave. Riddhima turned back.

Clan: Why did you turn?

Idd Ddhima: So that he can see me otherwise he will think badly of me.

The clan begins to laugh again.

Clan (laughs): You’re crazy, Riddhima.

Idddhima makes an angry face and then smiles.

Hi Ddhima: My ears are hurting… ..

Vansh made a stern face before she could finish.

Hi Ddhima: No pain… Sir, no pain.

Race: Good.

Race (Thought): This girl..I never laughed much..but today I laughed because of her.

Idd Ddhima: Sir my legs, my ears are all painful I can’t control more..Shri please ..

Wanash: Do this otherwise I will make you sit down which will hurt your legs and ears.

Hi Ddhima: No no no I will just do it.

Lineage: Hrithika didn’t give a bad idea. I can also make you chicken.

Idd Ddhima (cute sad face): Sir ..

He starts laughing again.

I hope you like it. Oh my God I was laughing a lot when I was writing this part 😂😂😂. Hope you all enjoy it.