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Gehna thinks she needs to think about what to do on stage, and when Hema sees him running and crying, she runs to him. The host called Radhika on stage. Radhika is wearing a business woman’s dress. Paresh tells Bapuji that he is worried about Gehana and she should sit in the corner due to leg pain. Ba hopes Gehna is fine. Judge Radhika asks what her aspirations are. She says she wants to be a business woman and has expressed her feelings in detail. Everyone claps for her. The host reported that their 9th contestant was missing. The crew member said Gehna has been found and is ready to participate. The host says Mrs. Gehna was stuck in a room and was ready for her performance. The judge says how Gehna gets stuck in the room, they need a price of time and should disqualify her. Another judge said Gehna should be given a chance. The judge says she should come on stage in 5 minutes.

As Hema insulted her children and her new husband and Kanak, the feeling of humiliation ran wild through the streets. A speeding car sped towards her.
Gehna finds her and delivers her on time. Hema pours on her mind that it is wrong to think of herself as beautiful on an obese body and if she was, she would not have insulted her husband and children, etc. Don’t say that, Gehna. Hema explains why she cares about her, she and Kanak always insulted and harassed her, they considered her small and considered themselves big, but that is not the case. Etc. will not return to that world, etc.

The judge says that Mrs. Gehna Desai did not come on stage in minutes, so what should she do? The second judge said the rules are rules and Gehna was disqualified because she did not return in minutes. Holding Hema’s hand, Gehna entered the stage. Everyone applauded for her and wondered how she escaped the ocean trap. Infinity hides the idea that it should not go in front of everyone or their attention will be only on him. Ba wonders what happened to Hema. The judge asked Hema why she came on stage when she was disqualified, and Gehna was disqualified for her irresponsible behavior. Gehna said she cannot be disqualified because she herself will not participate in a competition where a woman is judged solely on the basis of her beauty and dressing sense; When marrying a woman they look at her temperament and skills and her all-encompassing nature makes her great; When Kanhaji and Kalima are skeptical and they are prayed to, then how can they bring a woman down based on her color; Why are they teaching children to feel insulted if the mother is not beautiful; The children criticize the mother that she does not look beautiful, cannot wear modern clothes, cannot speak English, etc., but she forgets that the mother sends them to English school, educates and nurtures them; The children forget the mother without expressing their feelings, but the children do not look at her tears; The mother gives up her whole life and works hard all day and expects the smiles of her children and new husband in return, but instead they insult her. She says she greets Hema and is proud of her; Everyone laughed at her and said she was ineligible for the competition, yet she showed patience and took part in the competition, this is her greatest asset and she did what she could. She asked the judges how they could judge a contestant based solely on her beauty; They gave her another chance when she slipped on stage but Hema was disqualified only because of her obesity; Even the audience didn’t support her and insulted her without realizing how hard it was to get on stage; They all applauded for my acting, I was a servant and if they had enslaved me I would have remained a servant they would have kicked her out instead; They should change their mindset and make the woman look like herself and not beauty. The children run to Hema and apologize to her. Chetan has also apologized to her and says that she is his life and for her the beauty queen of this competition. Kanak was happy to see Hema while he was feeling jealous. The judge apologized to Hema for disqualifying him and gave her another chance. Gehna thanks Judge.

Prep: The host announced the winner of the Mrs. Surat 2021 competition. Everyone look at him curiously. Kanakala feels confident that she won the competition.

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