Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 27th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Gehna Suspects Sagar’s Involvement – Telly Updates

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Anant has been abducted. He found himself blindfolded and bound and begged for release. Sagar hits him from behind and thinks that every dog ​​day comes, Infinity had hit him before and today he will hit him and avenge every insult. Anant didn’t pick up her phone and the jewels were upset, wondering how she would sleep in this room, reminded of precious events. She has picked up a general knowledge book that suggests her to read it before taking part in tomorrow’s competition. She then gets an infinite tip with a diet chart for her and wishes her luck in winning the competition. She then goes on stage and dreams of finding him. He says he is here and even if she is not present, she wants to fulfill her dreams and win the competition with courage. He disappears and she searches for him. She then wakes up anxiously thinking that this is her dream, sees it at 6 in the morning and thinks that if Infinity is in trouble why not call her yet.

At breakfast, Bapuji says that he is worried about why Anant has not called yet. Anxiety is also called ba. Hema says that if he is not bothered then why he has not called yet. Tia asks not to worry as she needs to be engaged in the interview and will call after the interview to give them good news. Infinity on the other side thinks that he must have kidnapped her and Gehna should be worried.

Gehna tries to walk lamely. Ba feeds her and feeds her. She says the mother may be aware of the child’s fears, she should not lie to her and tell him to eat. Gehna asks, she didn’t have a meal either. She says she won’t get food unless she talks to Infinity. Gehna gives her water. The sea is thirsty and they beg for water. The ocean that hides its face shows the water and sets it aside. Ba tells Gehna to take water. Tension throws a glass of water and shouts. Ba comforts her and applies herbal paste to her feet. Infinity asks Sagar who he is and what he wants from him? Gehna called Infinity. Anant and Gehna are having trouble, Anant is busy with the interview, disconnected calls and messages, his phone breaks and Sagar thinks he will call her back after buying a new mobile. Gehna Bala also gives information. Thank you. Gehna wonders why she still feels unwell.

Radhika enters and asks Bala about Anant. Ba says Anant called Gehna and told her that he is in an interview and his phone is broken, so she will call him when he buys a new mobile. Pankaj says Anant would have called from different numbers. Paresh says Anant is a responsible boy and knows they will be harassed if he doesn’t call them. Kanak says that maybe he will be really busy in the job interview. The company and place where Anant’s job interview is done is said to be fake due to a search on the net. Bapuji got upset and said, let’s go and lodge a police complaint. Following Pahej and Chetan, Gehna supported him and they all walked towards the door. Hema stops them in panic and says that she has no evidence that Anant has been abducted. The family is surprised and Gehna asks how she knows. Hema and Kanak try to get away in a panic. Gehna reminded Anant that he saw Sagar at the competition venue and asked if he would come to the police station with her. Kanak asks why he should come. Gena says that she is Anant’s sister-in-law and she should also doubt Sagar’s participation. Kanak panicked and asked if she had any evidence. Gehna said she has no evidence at the moment, but Sagar is always behind all the problems and recent developments have proved that Infinity is in big trouble and Sagar is behind it, so they should go and complain against Sagar. Kanak and Hema anxiously rush into their rooms to change dresses. Ba prays to their God.

Kanak calls Sagar and informs him that Gehna is suspicious of his investment, so he should do something and stop Gehna from reaching the police station. She warns Hema that if the brother gets them in trouble this time, she will give him poisonous leaves. The door opened, and they were both shocked to see someone.

Prepp: Gehna informs Tia and Paresh that she wants to work as a lawyer during the next competition. Kanak enters the competition wearing a lawyer’s costume.

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