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Radhika listens to the conversation between Kanak and Hema and asks if Anant has been kidnapped. Infinity frees itself and returns as bound as it hears someone coming. A hooligan enters. Annan pleads for water. The goon goes to fetch water. Infinity hits him and escapes. Radhika asks Kanak and Hema if they have done this, they should tell them their plan. Kanak thanks God that she didn’t listen to their conversation. Radhik warns them that if Anant gets even a scratch, she will not let him go. Kanak confronts her that she is also planning a lot, she promises to give her a race to win, but she is doing well herself, so she should not dare to accuse them.

Gehna was glad to hear the doorbell and thought it was infinite, but saddened to see a man claiming to be a census officer. She then gets a call from Unnot, she happily picks it up and asks if his interview is okay as the company and place are fake. He says he is OK, otherwise he will have a phone and she will be informed by looking at the kidnappers. Asks where she is. He says he’s in Mumbai and don’t worry about her, work hard for the competition and let her win, let the family know he’s okay and the call is disconnected. Sagar, who is hiding his face, snatches the phone from him. Gehna thanks Kanhaji for being infinitely fine. Kanak walks down with Hema and Radhika and asks Gehna if she has spoken to Anant? Tia asks Gehna what the brother said and took her away. Kanak warns Radhika that Anant is fine, so she should stop her fault game and let her win the competition. The goons threatened Anant that another goon had gone to his house as a census officer and if he told the truth, he would kill his wife and brutally kill her for beating her.

Gehna chooses a lawyer’s dress, thinking that it will fulfill her and Anant’s dream. Tia walked in with Paresh and asked if she had made a speech. Gehna gives his speech. Paresh says she is amazing, she should be a lawyer in real life and they will all fulfill her dream. Gehna thinks she will fulfill Infinity’s dream of winning a beauty contest.

Kanak dreams of being declared the host as the winner of the competition, while Gehna, Radha and Hema are crying and she credits herself and Pankaj for the victory. Gehna beat her with a broom and removed the crown from her. She slaps Panki. Pankaj gets up and asks if she is dreaming about him? She says that Gehna took the crown away from her, will now teach her a lesson of reality and win the crown. Sagar tells the goons to tie Anant properly. The goon says Infinity is tired and will not run away. Sagar says that Infinity can do anything. He got a call from Kanak and the best thing to do is to listen to her and do it with Gehna. Infinity cares about Gehana.

The next morning he arrives at the competition venue with Gay, Ba, Bapuji, Tia and Paresh.
Tia wishes her well. Ba said that she is happy that all her 3 Bahus are participating and she will be happier if someone wins the arm. Gena takes the blessings of Ba, Bapuji and Paresh and enters. She looks at her fellow contestants and asks where the makeup room is. He says the organizers have provided separate makeup rooms for each contestant. Gehna finds her room by disguising herself as a Watchman and inserting her chloroform. Kanak nervously decides to finish Sagar’s work and tells Hema that whatever happened shouldn’t reach the Gehna stage. Sea message that he has accomplished his task. According to Kanak, the love birds will be in the cage, they will win the Mrs. Surat competition. Gehna got up and was found in a store room. She recalls the abduction, finds the door locked, and wonders who locked it here. The goons discuss that they are protecting Infinity while the boss has gone to prevent Infinity’s wife from coming on stage. Anant reminded Gehna of the idea of ​​going to him and promised to come closer to her on stage and insisted on coming and supporting her. He disappears from her and becomes weak.

Prep: Inform the host that Fehna is missing.
Ba asked Gehna’s friend if she had seen Gehna. Kanak entered dressed as a lawyer.

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