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After Anant’s treatment, the family takes him home and rests him on his bed. Paresh asked Anant how this happened? Infinity says that when he falls out of the house for an interview, someone kidnaps him and wants to break Gehna mentally and physically to prevent her from acting in the finals. Gehna asks if he sees your face. He says his face was covered. He says that he is definitely Sagar because he is often attacked. Pankaj agrees. Infinity says he will not leave the ocean. The dream tells him to rest. He should file a complaint against Sagar, says Pankaj. Hema was upset that the police would torture her if she lodged a complaint against her brother. Ba says, he shouldn’t go too soon, told Anant to rest and prayed to God to save Anant and Gehna from recurring problems. Hiral says he should come to his family’s Mataji temple where wives pray for their husbands and family. Gehna said that they would go to Mataji’s temple and pray there while fasting, and only after praying there would they break. Anant asked why she went on a fast. Paresh says let’s go to the temple and pray. Ba asks Kanak where she is and if she has taken her loss seriously.

Kanak panics in her room, breaks the luggage, and she thinks that the jewel is her maid and she wants to make her sandals, now that Sagar has failed, she has defeated all of them, so now she will not punish Sagar. Hema called Sagar and warned him not to fall into Kanak’s trap again. Because his work will end with him and then when he is caught he will have to suffer. Gehna is good so she has warned not to bother anymore. While going to the temple in the evening, Gehna walks towards Hema to tell him where the pooja kalash is. Sagar was happy to hear this and decided to take revenge on Gehna in the temple. Kanak met him and scolded Gehna for reading easily. She gives him bangles and tells him to go back to Jamnagar because his plan always fails and she is not fit for anything. He takes it as a challenge.

Gehna ate Anant’s soup through her eyes. Telling Infinity not to worry about her, Sapna said that he will recover soon and is still there to take care of her. Gehna Bhavnik says he was in trouble and had to suffer alone for her. He says she doesn’t have to worry because she knows she will win. Asks her if she trusts her so much. He says he saw the victory in her eyes. She tries to leave. He grabs her hand and says he wants to tell her something and once begs Mrs. Surat to wear the crown as she doesn’t look well on stage. She wears a crown and she shows it to him. He suggests that she looks beautiful and that she is shy.

Radhika threatened to tell Kanak to Anant and called. Already falling in love with Radhika, Anant sees Radhika’s call and reminds her of Gehna. He calls. Radhika says she called to find out how he and he had disconnected while asking her to take care of herself. Finds Infinite Jewelry. Radhika warns Kanak that she has not told her anything yet and says she knows that Infinity is her life and if anything happens to her she will not leave her; She asks if she did it all with the help of Sagar. Kanak says she told Sagar to kidnap Infinity, but don’t kill; The sea avenged infinity. Radhika asks to tell this to the police station. Kanak said that she can get Infinity only through her and Gehna is their common enemy, so they should come together and get their enemy out of their way.

Gehna was ready for the temple. Ba is according to her. Gehna tells her to take care of Infinity and leaves the house. Sagar’s helper follows her and informs her that she has just left home. Reached the Gehna Temple. As soon as the old man reaches the temple, Sagar is dressed and when he comes here, he thinks that he will leave only after taking revenge on Gehana. He stops her and asks if she has come to worship for her husband. She asks who it is. He says that he is a devotee of the Goddess and has special powers, her worship is incomplete and should be completed by tying a thread around the tree at the back of the temple. When the goons of the sea surrounded her, Gehna agreed and went to the tree. She runs. Sagar throws ash in her eyes and she falls down. He picks her up and carries her away. Anant realizes something has gone wrong with Gehna and calls her. On her way to Gena’s temple, Tia asks if she wants anything. He asks her if Ba has gone with her. Tia says she was left alone. He says she knows her enemies were waiting for her and when he fell on Gehna’s photo frame and ran to the door, he fell down. He realized that Gehna was in danger.

Prep: Infinity prays to God to help him reach Gehana. Sagar molested Gehna and Gehna called Anant for help.

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