Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 8th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Radhika Traps Anant Again With Her Lies – Telly Updates

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Tia sees Gehna cleaning the living room and tells Paresh that Anant Bhai is sending decorations for Gehna’s surprise birthday party, they can’t get in until Gehna goes to her room. Paresh then asked her to do something. Tia walks up to Gehna and tells her to wear design clothes now because she is now Mrs. Surat. Gehna says she has a lot of work and she is cleaning the house. Hema’s children play with water balloons. Seeing them, Tia asked Gehana to throw balloons. They throw balloons at Gehana but she escapes frequently. Kanak sneaks inside and thinks that if he takes a little revenge from Gehna, he should at least take water bubbles and throw them on Gehna. This hits Gehna and she changes when she sees her saree getting wet. She goes to her room and picks up a designer dress. She was happy to see Tia and Paresh and consider putting her in Rome by giving her a fake lizard in her room.

Radhika took Anant to her room. Infinite questions about her new. He says he loves her very much and calls her frequently even when he is out of the house. She works to get her new husband’s phone and goes to the kitchen. Anant Radhika looks at the sad face on the wall and wonders why he is not smiling in a single photo. He then walks into the kitchen and hears Radhika asking her new husband when he will suspect her and he will disconnect the call. He asks her if she is OK. She acts tense and asks why he’s here, she’ll bring out coffee, pour boiling milk on her finger. Infinity became more worried. He waits for Radhika in the living room and wonders why she hasn’t come out yet.

Paresh and Tia place fake lizards in front of Gehna’s room. Gehna gets ready, opens the door of the room and is terrified to see the lizard. Tia tells him to cross and get out. She refuses. Kanak walks to Gehna’s room to look at her and she runs away in a panic and fights with Tia. Paresh scoffs that he’s just a lizard, but some people are like chameleons that often change color and steal the other contestant’s costumes and ideas. Hema saw the fake lizard and threw it at Kanak to harass her. Kanak fled. Paresh and Tia laugh. They decorate the house for Gehana’s birthday party. Kanak wonders who has the birthday party. Gehna eagerly awaits Anant, and the children listening wondered if Anant had planned a surprise party for her. She wishes herself a happy birthday, Mrs. Surat wears a crown, chats with Infinity’s shirt and asks how she looks. She mimics Infinity and says she looks fine but she should focus on her test, hoping he’ll be back home soon.

Anant walked around Radhika’s room, found her lying unconscious on the floor and found sleeping pills nearby. He puts her to sleep on her bed, calls Sapna and informs her that Radhika has taken sleeping pills. The dream explains to him the method of making her vomit and getting the sleeping pills out of her body. Infinity does the same and she wakes up. He asked why she took so many sleeping pills, what to do if something happened to her. She hugs him tightly and tells him that she lied to him that she is happy, but did not live a peaceful life after marriage, her husband is very suspicious of her and he has cameras everywhere in the house; He saw Anant at home and argued with her on the phone, she could no longer bear the mental torture. Infinity asks why she married such a man? She says that when he accused her of mixing cannabis into Gehna’s milk and kicked her out of the house, she didn’t know what to do, so she met Vineet and when he remembered the advice to marry someone, she went ahead and married Vineet; She tried to move on, but this marriage only caused her pain and mental and physical abuse. Anant feels guilty for causing her trouble and asks her to promise not to try to commit suicide again. She says she can promise today, but not tomorrow; Gehna is his present and it is his past so he should go back to Gehna.

Paresh and Tia blindfolded Gehna and led her into a living room where the family stopped to surprise her. The doorbell rings. Tia opened the door. Infinity enters. Paresh opened Gehana’s eyes and the family was amazed and wished her a happy birthday. Gehna thinks Infinity surprised her. Tia asked Gehna to tell her brother. Gehna says it won’t happen. Hema asks Anant, where is Gehana’s surprise gift? Radhika stepped inside, shocking the family.

Prepp: Gehna asks Anant why he brought Radhika home. Radhika told Kanak that she made Anant believe that her marriage was a stressful one. Kanak says she believes Gehna will find her marriage troubling.

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