Santoshi Maa 7th April 2021 Written Episode Update – Mata Santoshi wins the test while Devi Polomi is allowed for returning to Devlok. – Telly Updates

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Ever since Indresh’s mother intervened to stop the conflict between Indresh and his father, he had advised Swati not to interfere between Devesh and Pinky but Indresh’s mother also ignores him when Devesh tries to convince her of what he did wrong. Indresh also tells Swati what her mother tells her to listen to.
Devesh tells Singhasan that he will not get married unless Swati apologizes to him and his family, Indresh says that instead you are sorry but he does not admit his mistake and tells mother to leave where there is no point in waiting where you have no value .
Goddess Polomi is blaming Santoshi that I am telling Lord Mahadev that I have tried my best to bring this ornament, but even then she cheated and took away the jewel in which you know.
Prabhu Narayan tried his best not to be affected by Goddess Santoshi and praised her for completing this test. Lord Brahma also praises Goddess Santoshi as Lord Narayana said. Prabhu Mahadev says that due to all these positive points of the devotee of Goddess Santoshi when Goddess Polomi fell into wrong thinking against her devotee, Goddess Santoshi got marks to win this test so we declare her the winner of this test. Goddess and everyone else is praising Mother Santoshi, while Tridev is praising her for her efforts, dedication and her devotee’s call to end her trial.
Goddess Santashi informed Tridev that she wanted to think of the incident of Goddess Polomi but Goddess Polomi tells Matala instead not to worry about her.
Goddess Polomi is complaining about not considering her efforts so Tridev has taken a joint decision and Lord Mahadev says that we have decided to allow you to return to the place of your Indrani as you have tried. Both Devraj Indra and Devi Polomi are happy with the decision.
Mother Santoshi also appreciates the decision of Goddess Polomi to give Tridev’s decision and tells Goddess Polomi that this was not a competition but just our exam and Goddess Polomi accepted her opinion about this test.
Tridev’s mother Santoshi also wanted to support her devotee as she was able to win the test. But she wishes she could only give to her devotee. Mother Santoshi thinks that she can bring Swati to the events of her life.
Indresh advises Devesh not to rest now as many attempts have been made but in vain let things happen the way they are and they both decided to meet Santoshi Didi too who will show them the right way.
God Polomi is welcome in Devalok, but don’t interfere in the lives of devotees of Goddess Santoshi now while saying that you have tried because you got the gift of returning to Devalok, but instead she said I won. The only thing I will do is that Goddess Santoshi will use the only wish expressed by Tridev, so I will understand that her devotee will suffer in her future life.
God outstanding Shiva praised Mother Santoshi in his world of contentment that you have done a great job and you have been praised only because of your devotion. Mata also praises her devotee for making her win the exam. The goddess asks Mata what she thinks of Goddess Polomi, she may be behaving properly now but Mata tells her that she will not do so because the test was to spend time understanding each other and I know how she behaves.
Swati is worshiping mother Santoshi along with her mother-in-law and Lovely.
After the pooja is over she gives prasad to Pinky but instead she accuses her. Swati is asking her about Devesh who didn’t harm her instead Pinky was abusing her for interfering in her life and now Devesh doesn’t even pick up her phone but Swata who is angry with Deosha due to what happened yesterday and Pinky tells her everything to blame Swati or slap her Swati insults her when her mother intervenes to kill her but when Swati leaves her mother-in-law and Pinky, Singhsan warns his wife.

Prep: Swati faints while her mother-in-law is running to take care of her and calls the doctor who tells Indresh and all the doctors that she is pregnant. Indresh and his mother were very happy to hear this news. Swati is also happy. Devishi asks Mata why you are confused and worried on this auspicious occasion and she says that I am worried about the future problems of Swati’s son.

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