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Appu is advertising the powder to boost memory and one has advised him to eat it and give it to his family, hopefully asking Appu why he told Lalita ji that his supply chain will not work and because of his words, Lalita ji has refused to work with him, Appu He mentioned that Lalita who is a friend of Sargam’s mother and if their supply chain is not working, it can cause a lot of problems in the relationship with Sargam. Hope asks him to clear the mess he created by saying he got his video thrown away but what should they do. Appu runs to his room, explains that Appu is going to change his clothes and asks Asha where he is going.

Appu sits on a chair but his leg hurts with a needle, Asha mentions that it is a bad shag for his action, Sargam brings a plate of green vegetables, Asha asks what is the reason so Sargam says it is a vegetable anniversary. Today, two years ago, Appu started eating vegetables, Akki says he didn’t start, but was forced to, Appu hit him so hard that he focused on his eating. Appu immediately understood what Sargam was going to say and then he started blaming his brothers. They don’t even remember the dates and everyone in the family remembers them both, Sargam leaves happily, then Asha looks at Appu angrily and Alkik says that he will come back after eating the leaves of the tree.

Asha took out a bottle of water and Sargam said that she is really honest and simple, so she can’t understand how smart Appappu is because he always becomes a fool of hers, Sargam doesn’t understand any question from him, Ashe asks that Did Dad ever remember her? On the occasion of the anniversary, she herself is always a hint and she picks it up from there, Sargam starts to be surprised and remembers that she really gives a hint to Appu after which she guesses the anniversary, hopefully advising Sargam to test Appu. Just wondering if Asha is really saying that she doesn’t understand anything while playing with it.

Sargam is combing her hair, Appu enters the room and asks her if the memory powder is going to work for her, Sargam asks why they need the powder because he always remembers their wedding anniversary, she asks if she really remembers the anniversary? Tomorrow, Appu starts to get scared but how can he forget such an important day? Sargam says that the vegetable anniversary is nothing compared to what will happen tomorrow. Sargam mentions that he will explode before he leaves. While Appu is wondering what the anniversary is.

Looking for an anniversary diary with Appu and Alkikya but nothing is found, Alukik comforts him that Sargam’s year is 36 364 days so the skeletal neighbor has tampered with it. His brothers are requested that the place be a bit suitable for discussing the subject but he refuses to listen to his wishes that there is no need to worry, hoping that they have an idea, Aklava says that about how to get a dialogue about the anniversary Got an idea, Appu says you have an idea of ​​how to lose his memory.

In the morning, Appu pretends to be shocked but Alukik starts beating him severely. After Appu stops him, he says that he should not be serious just because he is acting. Appu asks, should Appu be serious if he is going to act? Then the hairstyle should also be fixed, Appu said that it is a shocking hairstyle, Appu took the stars and started trembling, while Eklavya called everyone, Alukik constantly asks Appu’s permission but he doesn’t get the signal then finally he is ordered by the family members , Appu falls to the ground.

Appu is unconscious, Chedilal asks what happened to the doctor, Eklavya says he refuses to come because he always starts making deals with them, Asha says it will happen if he starts getting a discount of five rupees from them.

Eklavya explained that after a while he would regain consciousness so he should let him relax, Appu opened his eyes and sat down and assumed that he had forgotten everything and did not even know Sargam and Chedilal, they both try to mention Appu as Sargam. Asks what the anniversary is because he may be remembered but because of Appu’s head injury they all leave him out of the room so he can rest.

Entering the room with Alikik and Aslika, Alukik is surprised that he is dead Appu says he has done a great job, Alukik asks about their payment but Appu does not respond, he threatens to call Sargam but he stops them.

When Sargam brings down Epic when he asks if he wants anything, Appu gestures for him to take her away from her, he reminds Dada of acting when he comes out of the bathroom but he doesn’t answer anything, Alukik said. Put pressure on him to act, but still Appu keeps acting.

Alukik takes him to the dining table, where hope also comes. As soon as he decided to test the chair, he asked Appu to sit on it, but he cleverly turned the needle and sat down. Finally telling the truth When Asha asks her to bring vegetable soup, Sargam asks why she will make it when Appu doesn’t like it? He explained that maybe his memory would be awakened, hopefully trying hard to confess to Appu but then he doesn’t hope he has a plan by which he will reveal his identity in the next couple of hours.

Prekap: Sargam describes a researcher who said that memory can come back when the incident is recalled, while he took Appula to the pole, opened the circuit box with Alukik and Bone Eklavya but was shocked to see the fuse, Alukik prayed for the fuse which he closed That’s right.

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