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Sargam Ki Sadh Sati 29 March 2021 Written part, written update on

Chidilal tries to remind Appu by showing him the wedding photos with Sargam. Appu asks if he is married to this sister. Showing the photo, Sarpam is shocked to ask Pappa what he is asking, he answers that he will remind Appappu, mother asks Sargam that his name is Mogambo, grandfather says he has given her name and many other names, Sargam later tells him that Don’t listen to what the two of them say, she herself calls her mother by name after which Chedilal immediately stops her, saying that she is trying to remind him.

Asha enters the house, he tries to act as if he is having trouble breathing, Chidilal first says that he has thrown his wife out of the house, then why is he still calling his mother-in-law, telling Asha that he is having trouble. Breathing, Chidilal thinks he has an asthma attack and they all leave Appu, Asha understands that he is in a lot of pain, then Appu asks his brother to help and fetches medicine from the room, Appu runs away. Grandpa also wakes up in the room but Appu realizes that you are disabled and goes to take medicine, Asha gets up and sits comfortably in the chair, Sargam and Chedilal are asking what are you doing, he says he was just acting to prove that Appu is acting because if Appula may not remember that he married her, but Asha’s room is upstairs and he knows how the place where he has not used medicine for ages is, Sargam and Chedilal both start believing Ng.

Eklavya listens to their footsteps behind the foot law and also calls Asthik and Alukik, the three of them come out and start praising Asha loudly, saying that their plan to catch the evil power is really good, hearing Appu coming back from the foot airs. His warning, Asha came to the three of them that he knows that Appu can’t come down because all three of them have warned him because they are his benefactors, Asha grabbed his hands and slapped the three of them.

He exclaims that he is not a fool, then mentions to Chedilal that if Appu does not remember, why did he kill him and leave him upstairs, hope they all go and see what he has done, Alukik once again shouts that Are. Upstairs, Alukik, Eklavya and Astik slammed the door of the room, but Asha pulled them aside and entered the room, but they could not find Appu. Asha warns him to come out. Listen to Appu talking to the doctor.

The entire Awasthi family ran to the roof, Appu asking the whole community if there was a doctor there. Because someone is dying in their house, Chedilal asks Asha if he still believes that Appu is doing a lot for him. He doesn’t remember, after hearing Appu’s words, the community starts asking him to come again and help the person, Sargam calls Appu but he is pretending to be coughing, Alaukik and Eklavaya call him, then he turns around and says hopefully He is relieved because Asha is OK because he had defended his health from the community talking to the doctor, Alukik said that he has also lost his general knowledge, because how can doctors come after screaming and they have to call him, Aashiq questioned Asha. Not trusting an honest person who cared so much for him and he felt that Appu was acting, the whole family was angry with him and left, Asha exclaimed that this time Appu has survived but now he t take revenge on him.

Sargam asks Asha if he is really telling the truth, Asha tells him that she can find a solution and if she is not successful she can change her name, she runs to call Chappilal who asks if she remembers anything, Sargam explains that Asha quotes Chedilal, an Australian researcher who asked for the same thing to happen again and said it would help destroy the memory, had to shake him once again, at the same time Asha said he should have, Chedilal also says he saw a movie in which the protagonist The roof was thrown down and whenever his memory came back, Ashtik and Eklava tried to make sure that this is a movie and not a real incident but Sargam is determined to get his appu back. Price

Sargam and Chedilal have taken Appula out of the house in a wheelchair. Apu tries to argue with him but Sargam mentions that he has to do it because he doesn’t remember anything, he forgot the flowers and so the three started going inside again, Appu got up saying that he was fine and begged his grandfather to help, However, Alukik asks if he can take a disability, Grandpa asks for a camera stand and solitarily asks for his mobile, Appu inquires what kind of dreams he has, sits in a wheelchair as soon as he returns.

Chidilal orders Asha, Eklavya and Asthik to go and check if the main switch is on. The three are scared because if Appu goes out of power, they will be in a lot of trouble. Eklavya asks if he can tell the truth but Asthik reveals how it happened. Chedilal would swear at them and not let Sargam Appu live, then he hurried to finish the plan.

Sargam and Asha are trying to electrify Appu when he mentions how they take Sargam’s name, he knows his father and they are Awasthi but when Sargam asks about the special day he doesn’t remember when it happened to him again Planned to do electrical processing, Appu finally said that he was acting because he doesn’t remember the anniversary, Sargam revealed that they all know because it was the only day that was not special but has happened now and they will celebrate the day when he became electrocute, Alukik Asked if they electrocute him, Chedilal and Asha start laughing, Sargam turns around as Appu apologizes, Appu became really electrocaut, Sargam with family didn’t believe him at first, but Alukik took care when he revealed the switch. Probably left.

Prep: Chedilal says customer won’t buy anything today, Sargam says she thinks customer doesn’t want to buy anything, she mentions customer wants to make Alukik her boyfriend, Alukik asks her for contact number, hopefully she exclaims He would definitely slap him and Eklavya revealed that modern girls are putting pepper spray in their bags, carefully putting your hand in the bag if the girls are coming to spray their bags.

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