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The client is seated and he is really impressed with Alukik’s foot massage, he says he is a really good masseur so after some time Alukik heard his sleep sound.

Ashtik says he should reveal the truth when he has some time, but Asha said he shouldn’t say that because he still has his Guruji’s book, it scares Ashtik, he is worried about seeing Alukik, then he asks why while giving massage, Alukik reveals Does that need not be because the person is asleep, he tells him to go and massages his father, Appu mentions that there is only one way by which he can stop his father, that is to kill him is to give Appu an idea.

Appu and his brothers are worshiping in front of the photo of Harijan Singh coming father, asking what they are doing, they all explain that their father is dead and if anyone tried to disrupt the worship, his soul would wander in the hotel for three days and in the case of the last customer What happened that made his pooja difficult, Harbhajan Singh became anxious so don’t worry about him, Appu told Alukikala why he doesn’t take care of him even though he is a customer? Worshiping is still his duty to take care of his customers and he should not run away from it, but he told them not to worry, disguised as a guest in the hope that they would give him room service, demanded Harbhajan Singh. Asha asks him to come with her as he makes coffee.

Alukik is talking on the roof, Chedilal brings a jar and asks who he is talking to, Alukik asks the ghost to stop and then starts talking to his father, however Chedilal is not convinced that there is a ghost, but Alukik explains that he died four years ago While Pavlela is talking to Harbhajan Singh’s ghost and so far his soul is wandering the streets, he explains how he is wearing a polo shirt with pants and sunglasses, Chedilal gets worried and leaves the roof on the other side. Eklavya and Appu parsed Alukik about his acting.

Chedilal is working in his room, runs to Eklavya and explains that while teaching the elders he felt some external presence, what does Chedilal ask his meaning, Eklavya reacts when he sees a ghost, Chedilal asks him to tell him clearly, then he Concerned about who saw it, Eklavya says he is some sardar, but Eklavya says that the chair is moving before he runs away, Chedilal is still not convinced that when Alukik pulls the chair, he gets scared and runs out of the room.

Harbhajan Singh asks Alukik if the refreshments are ready, he wants to go down but is lying on the bed, Alukik asks if he can’t see, he answers that he is blind without glasses, Alukik says they are on the table but he is not able to pick them up, Alukik picks up his glasses Gave it to him so that he would go down to the first floor.

Chidilal is frightened that he is constantly praying, he sees Harbhajan Singh coming down from the foot airs that maybe he is a ghost, he is hiding behind him and when Harbhajan Singh suspects that someone is following him, they both meet each other, after shouting they run in opposite direction, Harbhajan Singh again Looked down and crept into his room, he hid under the blanket, Alukik asks what happened, he reveals that his father is back, Alukik asks if he was wearing a painted shirt? .

Sargam touched Chidilal on the back but he is really scared, she asked about her cup of tea when she forgot to put sugar in her tea, because of the ghost and he got distracted and he saw ghost in his house that exclamation, Appu and Asha ask Sargam to ask, then Asha said That he was saying Ahuk that he wanted to cut Alukik’s hair but Chedilal says that he saw real ghosts like Alikik and Eklavya, Appu asks why he is believing Alukik’s words.

Alukik is trying to scare Harbhajan Singh to go and check in another hotel where there is no ghost but he has run out of money and he will have to stay here for two more days, Appu and Asha asked Alukik if the customer would leave. , He replied that he has no money and will not leave, Appu asks Asha to return the money but Asha says that since he has spent the whole money there is no chance, he will stay for two more days and Alukik leaves.

After a nightmare, Chedilal wakes up at night and spills a bottle of water, but it is empty, so he tries to wake Eklavya, but he does not move forward. Calling room service, telling him he had to go to the bathroom, when Chedilal hurriedly picked up the water bottle and when the customer met him, they left, they both hid after shouting, Chedilal told him to leave but it was revealed that Harbhajan Singh still had some work to do. , Sargam is coming to the kitchen with her brother, she exclaims that they have to find their father, Appu stops her because his father is standing in front of the customer.

Appu exclaimed that they both consider each other ghosts, Sargam asks Chidilal if he has a heart attack and Asha says that she should not do anything because if they find out the truth they will be burnt, Chedilal and Harbhajan Singh both questioned. When they die, they both shout that they are alive but after Alukik, the light turns on and off, Chedilal and Harbhajan Singh enter, Chedilal wakes up Eklavya who calls everyone.

They try to convince Chidilal that he is not a ghost, Asha starts asking him about the deals still pending when he finds out that the doctor is still pending, Sargam has ordered to bring the doctor, but Appu tries to argue with him. She says her father is dead but Sargam is not listening. Alukik brings him in without allowing him to wear glasses and they are able to save Chedilal, they both look at each other and scream.

Chidilal apologizes for lying to his children, the customer replies that he has paid three days and they have already spent the money, Chedilal allows him to stay within the promised period, always warns the child to take the path of truth because doing anything with false help can do anything No, Aklava clarified that he has got another booking, hoping to ask if he should talk to his father, he picks up the slippers that he sees and walks all over. Long.

Prep: Chedilal says the new statue has boosted his sales, Sargam reveals that someone has stolen the new statue, he has set a trap to catch the thief and he is shocked to see that it is really ossified.

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