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Appu takes Alukik in his arms and says that he can’t do it, Sargam explains that he is going to meet a girl for the first time, then he will take a bath, Alukik asks if there is any problem because he took her number without even taking a bath, However he was thrown into the bathroom, Alukik leaking water from the floor.

Appu explains to Sarpam that he has started bathing and started leaking water, Sargam tells him to go and stands in the corner, comes out telling him to take a bath, Appu tells him when he smells that they are fools Don’t understand and once again threw him in the bathroom, Appu tries to talk to Sargam again but she walks away, Asha is seen arguing with both of them.

Alukik then came out after changing clothes saying Ahuk had taken a bath, Sargam says he looks great, but they have to do something about his hair, Alukik hides saying that even though he is not with them, the ship and it will sink, Will throw, hope told him to cut his hair.
Sargam has mentioned that she will not ask him to cut her hair only on one condition and when he is wearing the right outfit and not wearing such disgusting clothes, Sargam called Appu who immediately replied that he really took care of her. Sargam tells him not to tell her she is still crazy with him so be nice and she is just talking because she is worried about Alukik.

Sargam and Appu ask Alukik if he has changed his clothes to get permission to come in, they are surprised to see how good he looks and Eklavya says that the image in their mind about Alkik has changed. Everyone asked him to ask. What does it mean, he responds that Alikik looks good, Appu asks why he didn’t say it in a very simple way, but Asha and Astik say that he can’t say anything because he can’t speak properly, Sargam explains Do. They need a candidate so there is nothing to worry about, Appu asks if she is talking about a girl, Sargam replies that it is something like that.

Sargam has decorated the table as if he were in a restaurant. She should advise the person who came out as Muku to speak in the way she should and create a feeling, Appu is trying to force Eklavya but he is not doing so Sarpam was thinking what is he doing, Appu is willing to ask him , Has been questioned by Sargam. He then asked Aklava to go back and bring normal admission.

Eklavya apologizes for being late when the cab was moving in a circle, Alukik says it’s really too late because the hair on her hands is starting to grow, and Aklavya immediately sits at the table. Alukik asks if she is okay, Eklavya says she is okay, Sargam asks him if she would like something to eat, Alukik asks again if she likes something, then Appu brings snacks, he asks Eklavya to eat, But while trying to server, he accidentally put a cape on her face, asking if Appu and Sargam would come, he says he was trying to keep it and accidentally sprinkled it on her face as he threw it twice more, Sargam ordered him To clean it up and rub it on the irritated face of the departed Eklavya, Appu says she thinks he is a decent householder, Sargam is adamant that everything is fine so no problem.

Alukik is ready and he has blessed his father who has prayed for him to succeed in this work, Appu said he will not take the exam, but Chedilal says this is his exam, Sargam advises him when he comes to him Bluetooth device in his ear And don’t worry because she’ll tell him what to do, so she asks him to bless her grandfather, who tells him the truth, and tells the girl that he lives in a circus house to which she tells a lot. A brother and a grandfather, Appu later take him away.

Sargam asks her where she called him, he answers on the soda car, Appu and Sargam ask why she called her there, he said his father gave him only fifty rupees, but he said he had no more money. Yogurt for him explaining that he wanted to get married again when his last hope was.

Appu and Sargam take Alukik, who was standing by the car when Mithu arrives, Sargam tells him to smile, but seeing his face he orders her to stop because she doesn’t look beautiful, when she comes near him Sargam asks her to ask him And if she’s actually okay, then Alukik says over and over again that, just like the question Sargam asked, she orders Alukik to tell him who he likes to sit in, but when he’s about to sit down, he takes both chairs. I think so. Irritated and orders her to help him stand up immediately, they both sat down after the incident.

Alukik asks if she will take anything, Mithu asks what she will get, Alukik reveals that they will only get soda in the shop, Alukik asks the soda drinker, Sargam then asks her if she wants anything more, Mittu keeps her so stupid Not wanting to waste his time asking questions and not wanting to get straight here, Glass asks if she has fallen in love for the first time because when she asks for a new store she came into the store she already got what she wanted, supernatural Frightened and pulled his hand back, Sargam said at the end of the call that she thought they could establish a relationship and if she didn’t see Mittu they wouldn’t recognize her, which is when her anger came over her, Sargam turned back to them, but They were shocked when Alukik or Mittu were not present.

At night Sargam gets worried because they can’t reach the supernatural either, grandfather says he might have gone to get married secretly, Chedilal asks if they stopped him they got married so he still ran away, Sargam says he might get angry He must have gone to a nearby hotel.

Eklavya says that he must have started talking to them as he saw the ghost, Alukik came back and immediately went to the room, while everyone was trying to get out with him, Appula stood up that Alkik is tied to the rope and is tying his legs with the rope.

Alkik, who is coming from outside, says that he is going to take Mithu out of his head and ears and then explains that Mithu really loves someone but it is not Apu who loves the girl and she came to meet him in the shop. Given and now he has to go, Sargam wonders what it means because she is his sister-in-law, however, how Alukik taught her that one should not return to the love that is to come. He has promised himself and he to Mittu, Sargam threatened to beat him if he spoke on the date, but Alukik apologized and was beaten by Chedilal but he did not turn back so Sargam ran after him and also threw the slipper which Appu had grabbed.

Prekp: Ekdavya mentions that after Chappilal was out of the house for three days, Appu had rented his house, the guests also come there but the question arose as to why they engaged her, Alikik mentions that he has experienced Chedilal’s arrival. . However Chedilal really comes.

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