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Sargam Ki Sadh Sati 5 April 2021 Written part, written update on

Asha is at the worker’s cash counter while Alukik is working with the statue, suddenly he lowers his hand so that Appu is forced to distract the customer, Alukik fixes the statue, then the customer fixes it with the other hand She likes the sari, she exclaims that she will look really beautiful when she wears it, hopefully telling Appu that he should pay more and not give any discount. .

Appu explains that when the statue falls on her face and breaks her nose, she will look really good after wearing it.

Chedilal tells the driver to stop the car but he doesn’t listen, Chedilal turns the handle and it causes an accident, asks where the auto driver is, he comes back with a broken pot of clay on his head, the two argue. Meanwhile, the shop owner also demanded compensation for their losses and the auto driver immediately blamed Chidilal for sitting in the back and turning the handle, Chedilal explains that he told the driver to stop because he was forced to. In the corner though, he billed two hundred rupees and usually pays only forty rupees, he will compensate the driver, Sargam tries to take five hundred rupees in the meantime, the owner and the auto driver, Chedilal takes the money from her hand for their loss, he is interested Looking at Alukik with a glass, he asks if he would be interested in them, Alukik says that Chedilal came running to the shop after the statue fell in his shop for the woman who did not leave him. Sargam also runs to the shop after apologizing.

Sargam starts laughing at the nose of the woman who is having trouble speaking to the police, Alukik begs her to take interest that she is really tasty but she puts it aside, in a state of panic Sargam gives her relief. Five hundred rupees, Chidilal immediately asks why she spent the money while saving money, Sargam tried to argue with her that their noses broke in their shop, she also agrees with Leki Sargam, she said she is trying to say but they did not listen, Chidilal Mention that they also have to bear the loss for her medical treatment, but Sargam gives her a discount and promptly informs her relatives about the technology.

Chedilal explains that their plans will make him bankrupt, Appu and Asha explained that they should consider buying a new statue because their old statues are tired and their hands are falling off, Alukik says one of them repeatedly fell on his yoghurt. Chidilal agrees that if any customer dies because of the son, he will be sent to jail, Ashtik says, adding that he has not eaten anything with the sauce underneath it as it will collapse at any moment. The second-hand son is under pressure to buy new ones because they will have more customer base.

At Awasthi’s house, Raj says that he has a variety of mannequins, which are brand new, showing something he can talk about, is really impressed with Chedilal and his entire family, and Ashtik also says that such statues will definitely attract a lot of wives. , Appu explains that he is right and Sargam is really crazy unless the women shout.

Raj then shows them other statues with their other features, finally Chidilal asks him the price, he quotes them but this Chidilal is a Chidilal who tells a very low price, but Chedilal does not listen to anyone and insists on it. Five hundred rupees while Raj has paid four thousand rupees for the least expensive.

Chedilal is a believer sitting outside the shop, he explained that he bought a statue from a second hand shop for only five hundred rupees and because of his new statue, many customers bought a sari from his house While saying that he has sold a lot, Alukik says that he should order a dessert dish from his father, hoping to call everyone, he starts counting ghosts but he tells Alukik to call his father as he has finalized the accounts.

Alikik tells Chedilal to go and order a cup of tea and come in, Chedilal cancels the order, picks up the ossuary statue but there is still another fifteen minutes left so he tells him to leave and knowing that another customer can come, the believer tries to make it clear No sign but Chedilal does not listen and checks the profits they make. Asha mentioned that they had sold only twenty-two hundred rupees, Eklavya had sold it for twenty-two thousand two hundred rupees, so he asked them to count accurately, they all began to rejoice.

Sargam comes to the shop, Chidilal says that the sale of the new statue has doubled his sales, then he says that everyone will get the sweets they want, he gives money to Sargam who goes inside and then finally explains that someone stole the statue, Chedilal starts crying.

At night he explained to his grandfather that someone had stolen the statue in the middle, he explains that he is really stressed but his children are busy eating sweets, Asha said that the statue was stolen not the treasure. He wants the same statue and will find it, he told police but they ended the call.

Sargam explained to her the idea of ​​catching the culprit, explaining that she wanted to trap the thief, in the morning Appu and Alukik would bring the statue and rope, Chedilal would not cut them otherwise he would give it, he said. The rope is useless, Appu brings the rope to the shop asking who should tie it, he decides on the bone but he refuses then Chedilal explains how the simplest and most honest of them is. They tie his legs and let the sari sell. The thief pulls the rope so that the ossuary is pulled to the shop door.

Prep: The thief is no longer willing to buy nephews to catch the thief, Sargam says they will keep the statue but the thief will not be able to rob them but disguises Alkik as the new statue. He is standing outside the shop and everyone else is hiding in the shop.

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