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Sargam Ki Sadh Sati 6 April 2021 Written part, written update on

Asked why she was being tied up, Sargam revealed that whenever she pulls her son, he is dragged to the drag, then the ossuary is pulled out of the house, it is not possible for Sargam to go out with the family to the gate because he is an ossuary. Stuck and they decide what to do, he says he should cut the rope but Chidilal refuses to cut the rope saying it is of no use to anyone and hopes to break the glass door but Chedilal says he is talking about breaking the door for five thousand rupees for five thousand rupees. Eventually they are able to walk out but the thieves have fled with the son.
Chedilal comes back with a new statue, Munna puts it at the next door and then asks for money, gives him five hundred rupees, Munna asks for money to distribute it but Chedilal says that it is because of him that many statues Munna begs for money but Chedilal appla Asks to be removed from the house.

Chedilal says that they are thinking of asking Appu to pick up the statue as it will save his money, Sargam says that he has spent a lot of money for the purpose of grabbing the statue, the thief will steal so the believer asks what will they do now another statue, Chedilal refuses to take more risk Since he can’t give up the statue anymore, Sargam and Appu explained that they have changed the plan and they would have kept the statue from outside the shop, but they will not take the item he brought but Alukik, Chedilal also agrees.

Sargam is preparing for Alukik, Appu and his brothers say that he looks like a son, Chidilal exclaims that the thief will come and try to catch him, this is a great idea but will be caught, Alukik asks if they feel anything bad? As it happens, the ossuary mentions that they will feel bad because if the thief steals the statue once again, it can cause a lot of problems. Alukik asks him how he feels when something like this happens to him, Asha tells him not to move, Sargam finally ends then says don’t move her, he says it’s over then why shouldn’t he move, Appu says she Is told him to behave like a son because they don’t go under any circumstances. Sargam tells him to go and get his grandfather’s blessing, Alukik says that Sargam has to go where he likes.

When Chedilal asks them to put on their shoes, Appu and Ashtik are fixing Alukik, Eklavya has demanded a new show but Chedilal says that he is asking them to make more expenses, he calls Appu and Ashtik to discuss, Alukik also comes but Chedilal has stopped him. That says the meeting is for him.

When a customer comes and starts looking at Alukik, they turn to the other side, they demand that they give her a sari but Appu explains that the sari is not for sale but the lady asks for the same sari, when she gives them one money, another customer comes Demands a sari but when Alikik asks Chedilal to take out a pack of cards to find out who gets the sari, customers are annoyed to hear his voice, Chedilal explains that there is no son and there is a fancy dress competition so his sister-in-law is helping her make it . They urge all customers to come inside the page, take Chedilal Appu and Asthik to that place as per the order otherwise they will scare more customers.

Ashtik and Appu picked him up but when he reached the secret JP’s shop, try, he won’t let life live and he won’t kill them, he came out, when Ashtik ordered him to take the statue elsewhere. Don’t worry, he got scared, Appu and the believers put him in the corner of the road.

Alukik is standing, hoping that the thief will not come but Eklavya is sure that he will come, a dog came and bit him on the sari on which Alukik told him to leave and he was talking at night, he left, Chedilal says the dog also listens to him who Unbeknownst to him, the thief came and after catching him he catches them both, they are shocked to see that he is Munna and the driver.

Chedilal asks Munna if he stole the statue he bought from him, Sargam also says that the auto driver is also stealing, Munna explains to the auto driver that Chedilal is a minimizer and doesn’t even pay them the right amount, so he has to force them The bereaved Sargam mentions not to be a robber, Chidilal says that robbery is a punishment, they both promise not to steal, and also tells Sargam to promise Chidilal that he will not be so minimizer, they both leave and the supernatural grandfather hears Thor becomes so that Sargam says he should not be so minimizer, Chidilal explains when they are all gone.

Alukik comes out of the bathroom and Eklavya brings shampoo for him, Chedilal asks why he had to take shampoo worth five rupees when Sargam arrives, Alukik hides and then Sargam gives him shampoo, she tells Eklavya to drink milk drops, she will wipe When Chedilal asks Alukik to take a bath in milk but he penetrates inside, Chedilal exclaims that he will be really happy when he sees the mirror.

Prepp: Alukik tells Chedilal that if he falls out of the house, there is a feeling that something will go wrong, Chedilal hits the car and pours a whole bucket of blue on him, the woman doesn’t know that she doesn’t know. Sargam’s mother, she exclaims that she will find someone to take care of Chidilal.

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