Sargam Ki Sadhe Sati 8th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Lata je understands that the person who hit her car was Chedilal – Telly Updates

Sargam Ki Sadh Sati 8 April 2021 Written part, written update on

Appu brings Lata for the drink, she mentions that she asked him to put mint in the glass but he brought cilantro, he mentioned that there is no variety in his house, Lata who later explains that he should also add strawberries and cucumber in the drink, Appu is standing next to Asha Alukik says that he has not eaten strawberries for more than two years, she asks Chidilal, if he does not have strawberries in the house, he will buy them, then Alukik asks him to buy one strawberry, Lata is surprised and then asks Alukik to bring two.

Chedilal asks Lata Zela that if they are going to make tamarind juice, it is an item used to relieve stress from that person, saying that while Chedilal is urging her not to reduce the stress and calm down.

Alukik exclaims that he is getting vibes that the person responsible is close, they are wandering around, Appa then runs away saying Lata Jee has a habit of talking such nonsense so don’t take him seriously, Sargam explained that she found a way and the incident happened to jewelers. Happened in front which has two cameras so they can watch videos. The ascetic explains that they beat the man because he brought him to a position where Lata says she thinks someone will be there with her.
The grandfather explains that the person he was looking for and the person who caused the incident said that he had something to say, he asked Chidilal, he also told Ashtik that he was advising the person to throw it in the dustbin, after which Ashtik clarified that he did I don’t know if the person he was advising to beat is his own father, he told me to keep quiet, Alukik says it meant his vibrations were right which made us angry that they would do it because he was going to get stuck . The man stops Chedilal Appula by saying that he is close to them, saying that Alkik deserves to try and stop because he thinks he really has something to do with some other force, so he asks to find a way to solve the problem. Alkik reveals that he has a plan.

Lata who is sleeping in the room, Appu and Chedilal come to her window with Alukik, sketches the way Alukik is sleeping and tries to get up and leave as her father is innocent, she walks towards the door where Sargam is standing and asks if she is sleeping No, Lata who explains that she couldn’t sleep because of the stench, Sargam tries to explain that she can’t smell but when her mother insists, she explains that sometimes the smell comes from the gutter next to their house, which Lata reveals That she felt the presence of her mother-in-law, but Sargam refuses but when Lata pressures her she is forced to name Alukik, then Sargam agrees with her and if she wants to catch the culprit who agrees with her and wants to sleep in bed Tells to sleep.

In the morning Appu brought her a detox drink just like a whole strawberry, but she explained that she should cut it too. Appu teased Lata Jela, who was walking from the table with her bare glass hand. , She tells Sargam to come with her because they have to catch the criminal, Chidilal tells her to have breakfast first, the person who overturned the stove at Sargam’s wedding could not because she was not able to catch him but now she will catch the criminal, she said. She told him to just look at Ashtik and see his nature, Ashtik exclaimed that he was really angry but when he saw Guruji in the dream he thought about it all night and he said that anger is temporary but lust for revenge is to stay with him for life He is forgiven and he wants to forgive her too but Lata is sure he should be punished so what she asks about women’s rights, she takes Sargam and Ashtik with her.

Grandpa tells Chidilal to run away because this is the only way, he says that Lata will find him there too, then he sees Alukik, and they are sitting in front of the photo where Alukik explains that they will get all the vibes.

Sargam tells her mother to stop the car, Alukik leaves after seeing the girl and immediately sits inside, sweeps late and asks him to come with them but he insists on getting in the car, Sargam asks what happened and he notices the girl, the girl comes back when she leaves.

Alukik asked everyone to give them vibes with them and prayed that they would not get the video, when Sargam asked the shop owner to show them the video from yesterday, they are praying, they are now about thirty seconds because they are asking what they are doing away from seeing their father’s face, Only then do the lights go off and when it comes back the hard disk is damaged, they are all happy and the bones are happy too.

Chedilal Alukik is telling Strawberry that Ene has done miracles for him because his vibrations are really right, Appu clarified that he is not taking the role but as it did not happen, he said, he got a call from the director. Who says Appu should stop acting because he is a respectable family.

Sargam comes to visit her mother when she is worried about how her newcomer had parked the car, when she sees the kurta, Sargam is worried about how dirty his kurta got, he asks how he put it, Lata Jella realizes that the person is Chedilal .

While Lata is walking, when Chidilal asks if she is ready to leave, she asks him out of the kurta. She tells him that the man will tell her a lot. Chidilal tells everyone to keep it as long as she curses him. She sat down and started talking while Appu was beating Alukik.

Prep: While Akka was using bad language, Sargam promised to learn where such language comes from. Eklavya clarified that he must have heard from one of his brothers, Chedilal himself disguised as a Sikh and speaking badly about Chidilal, Sargam pressured. Appu says he can’t keep quiet about bad things about his father.

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