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The episode begins with Katie singing Preity Zinta and My Fave, a sign that Preity is alive, she will be back. He goes out and sings Ranjhana Hua Main Tera …… he cries and dances with his family. Preeti comes home. Katie and everyone dance. Katie is in love. Kirti applies color to the girl. The guard prevents Preeti from going inside. Preeti says I should go inside. The guard goes. She enters the house. He just tells her to go away. She watches the family. Katie looks at him and says she’s here, Preeti is back. Vishal got angry and burst water bubbles. Little Preeti hid from him in fear. Vishal tells her to come to him. She said no. He says you are my daughter, I am your father. She asks Preeti. He tells her to do gujia with his hand. She said no. He slapped her. She cries and says I will eat. He wiped away her tears.

Preeti says I have come to meet Katie, I am in the school of fame, I am fascinated. The guard says we’ll lose our job, let’s go. She teases him. Color falls on Preeti’s face. She calls him and asks why you are arrogant. He says I can’t meet you now, go. She threw a water balloon at him. He turns and looks at her. She hits him hard. She says that it is wrong for me to come here thinking that you are sensible and classified. Kirti asks the girl. The guard says that Mohi has come to meet him. Kirti gets angry. Preeti asks Katie to answer. Fame pours water on love. Her face turns pale. Katie and everyone looks at her.

Preeti asks what is fame. Kirti tells her to go now. Katie says Preeti… Preeti says yes Preeti. Katie cries and remembers her words. She says Preeti won’t be able to learn in school because of you, don’t ruin your future, I warn you. She left. Katie tries to follow. Shemales come and dance on the road. Kusha shouted and asked where did Preeti go? Katie says I will find her this time. Kusha told him to go. Katie goes to school and says I want the maid’s address. The peon says come tomorrow, I don’t have the keys to get the record. Katie breaks down the door and goes inside. The soldier says I will lose my job. Katie says nothing will happen to your job, I’ll pay, fix the door. Katie checks the files. He asks where do you live Preeti.

Preeti talks to her friend about slandering Katie. She asks Jab for it. The woman says I spoke to the principal and she refused. Preeti says I have a way to pay the fee, how do I get the fee.

Katie sees Preeti again. He runs after her. He saved her. She slapped him.

Update credit to: Amena