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At the beginning of the episode, Kushala asks Katie what happened to her, how much he will lie to himself. He says I tell you, love is alive, I am not lying, it is true, he believes, nothing happened to love, we will behave normally, be ready for the naming ceremony. She nodded. He goes Early in the morning Katie says that Preeti has the right to sit in this ritual, hold the baby, I will arrange. He brings a photo of Preeti. He behaves strangely. Kusha feels bad. She says Preeti is not here. He tells the Pandit to start the ritual. Shikha and Vishal are also naming the baby. Preeti comforted the baby. Shikha asks Preeti / Mohi to sit in the ritual. Preeti sat in the ritual. She asks what the alphabet is. Shikha says we’ve made it easy. Pandit says P Mohi says P. Pandit gives alphabet to K. Katie says fame, love and an element of kirtan. Everyone is smiling.

Vishal suggests some names. Shikha says his old name, the name should be one that has everything in love, happiness and fascination. Vishal says, well, I love the Internet, Perfect, the thing you want. Shikha says yes, Preeti, how is Mohi. Mohi says its good. Shikha says we will name the baby Preeti. Katie sings my world. Both families dance and dance. Vishal’s mother calls him and tells him to go to the temple with Shikha and the baby.

Vishal says politeness is not good nowadays. She vows to her daughter. He agrees. They come to the temple for darshan. Vishal says I will go and come. He asked Mohi to get Chadwa out of the car. Shikha says baby don’t leave me, I will get Chadwa. Preeti says I will get it, you stay here. Shikha said the baby can’t live without you. Preeti says baby calm down, don’t go. Shikha says nothing will happen to me. She gets in the car. She crosses the road. She feels dizzy. A truck hit her. Preeti Shikha is shouting… ..

Katie sees the family praying for Preeti’s self-peace. He wears a necklace. He asks why you are doing all this, I told you that love is gone, I know she is alive. Preeti goes to Shikha. Listen to Shikha saying, I am giving you my daughter, promise me, take care of her like a mother. Love promises. She says I will take care of the baby. Death of Shikha. Katie says Preeti is alive, she will come back. Vishal comes and sees the peak. He says you can’t leave me. He scolded Preeti for sending Shikha. He asks why you are not dead, you are responsible for it. Love takes the baby.

Katie became an RJ retro colorist. Preeti hugged her daughter. Katie is with his daughter. Preeti loves RJ’s voice. Katie says I still believe Preeti is alive.

Update credit to: Amena