Shaadi Mubarak 30th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Preeti and KT cross paths – Telly Updates

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Katie started the episode by making sure that Kirti had no problem. Vishal comes to school. He argues with love. The girl is scared. Preeti tells him not to quarrel. She told her daughter Preeti to go with her father. Vishal urges Preeti to come along. The girl cries and walks away. Preeti says there must be someone from my past that will meet me myself. Katie is in the car. Her file papers fly and stick to the car window. Katie looks at her poem and gets the paper. He reads. Vishal was worried about the design of the fee. He gets angry at Mohi. He says I have no qualms about getting you admitted here. Katie comes in and sees him teasing his daughter. Vishal argues and tells him to lose. Katie says I was the same, frustrated, then I realized I was angry with myself, talk to your daughter well. Vishal tells him to come out. The principal sees. There is a quarrel between Katie and Vishal. Katie says sorry to the girl and leaves.

Shikha’s mother asks for lunch. Preeti gives lunch. She said she did not know what was going on at the school. Vishal and Preeti come home. Preeti hugs and hugs her. Little Preeti cries. She complains about the giant. Anxiety of love. Vishal argues with Preeti. Preeti says I wanted my daughter to have a life of dignity, you can curse me, don’t tell Preeti anything, I promised Shikha, Preeti is more than my daughter, I will always be her mother, if you think I am a burden, You can think of anything.

Vishal says he snatched my wife, she wants to snatch my daughter. Kushala asked Kirti to come and have a meal. Kirti demanded another dish. Katie pampered Kirti. Kushal was upset. Preeti wears costumes and dances for the girl. The girl says I didn’t get access. Preeti says I will get you there, pink promise. She hugs the girl and she promises she will pray.

In the morning, Katie reads love poems on the radio program. She is shocked. She checks her documents. She says my poem… Katie says I want to thank the person who wrote such a beautiful poem, the identity is from you, find yourself, what is needed is the identity that the other person has given you, you are your own sky, right. Preeti said everything will be fine. She said I think I have some old relationship with you, I heard you first, I think your words are to ease my problems, thanks retro color.

The principal’s son had a stomach ache. Love comes. The principal says we can’t help you. Preeti says calm down, you give proper admission to the children of the staff, I took a job as a staff at the school. The principal says sorry, I like your efforts, but we can’t ignore Vishal’s behavior. Preeti asks if he is your son. She greeted Shaurya. She says your mother is a rockstar, be like your mother, the child makes the future for himself, we should help the children, don’t take the opportunity from the child. The principal is fine, Preeti will study here, the staff children’s fee is 10000rs.

Katie looks at Preity’s photo and talks to her. He says mom thinks I’m spoiling the reputation, I’m giving her so much love. Preeti joined the school staff. Katie says show me how the mother saved the child from going bad. Preeti sees Kirti crying. Kirti is sad. Preeti says nothing will happen. She also pretends to cry. She helps fame. Katie says meet Kirti and tell her if I have done well.

Kirti abuses love. Preeti cleans her floor. Kirti complained to Katie about her.

Update credit to: Amena