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The episode begins with Preeti Kirti getting a meal. Kirti throws noodles. She has insulted love. Preeti takes her keychain and says clean it, don’t be stubborn. Kirti denies and says that my father is the best father in the world, I will punish you. Preeti says I will throw away that key chain later. Kirti cleans the food from the floor. She comes home and complains to Katie about her love. He gets angry and says I remove the helper, who is she to punish you? Preeti says you got admission in Shikha school. Little Preeti says I want you to celebrate, I know we don’t have the money. Preeti moves and makes a cake in it.

She makes the girl cut the cake. Vishal comes. Preeti asked him for Prasad, Preeti got admission in the school. The giant gets upset. He goes to his room. He calls to get a job. He says I will do any job, I will take care of it, don’t worry, I will have to earn a lot of money. Katie and Preeti come to school. As Kirti said this girl is the daughter of the helper, I will not leave her. She dropped some glue on the floor and went to hide. Love does not fall there. Kirti makes her tiffin fall down. She says your mamma tells us to clean the food ourselves, you do it now. Another girl stops her. Kirti said the helper is her mamma, she works at the school.

Kirti steps down on the glue and falls down. The children laugh. Katie complained to the principal about the fame. He says talk to the helper right away, I want to meet her. The headmaster asked the peon to call Mohi. Katie says I want her out of school. Preeti comes to the aid of the girls.

The skirt of fame burst. Preeti says I will throw. The peon comes and says the principal is calling you. Preeti asks can we talk to her mother? The peon says she doesn’t have a mother, Katie’s love spoiled her. The soldier arrives. The principal says just call Mohi. Mohi puts on a skirt and says I am doing what your mother does. Kirti said I don’t have a mother. Preeti says I don’t know myself, I’m happy, your mother will be around you, take your skirt. Kirti cries. Preeti gives her a skirt. Kirti asked the helper to get another skirt for her.

Katie says I want to get that lady out of school, get her out of here. He goes Love comes. She doesn’t see him. Preeti and her daughter come home. A football comes towards her. The boy says you can’t play, leave. She kicked the football and hit him. She says I don’t know what Katie thinks, I would have hit her on the head. She saw Shikha’s mother. Aunty said you quit your job in one day. Preeti says someone fired me. Aunty asks what do we do with love fees? Preeti says we need to pay 30000 in two weeks. Vishal says it is impossible. Preeti says we will do something. He asks if there will be any magic, stop giving her false hope. Preeti calls to get Katie’s number. She says I have to bring someone to consciousness.

In the morning Priyanka gives sweets to Sneha. They are all happy and celebrate Holi. Vishal is also working as a servant. Neil and Kush ask the servants to pull out the carts, which contain pictures. Vishal doesn’t see the picture of love. Katie looks at him and tells him to put those things back. Vishal says I was told to throw away this trash. Katie tells him to come out. Vishal says, if I had known his house, I would not have come. Preeti says he is not answering my call. Kushal asks Katie, Preeti will not come back. Katie says, Preeti will come back. She says Preeti is dead, you will know this soon. He says love will come back, I believe. Preeti rents an auto to go to Tibrewal’s house.

Preeti comes to Katie’s house. He was shocked to see Preeti. Everyone is amazed and smiles happily.

Update credit to: Amena