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Shaadi Mubarak 5 April 2021 Written part, written update on

The episode begins with Vishal and Preeti taking part in a golgappa eating contest. Add chilli powder to the water. Katie sees this and cares. Preeti coughs, cries, but eats gossip. Preeti won the competition. Preeti hugged her daughter. Katie goes to the water love. The man says mom can do anything, Mohi got first place. She gets distracted. She smiled. Chawla gives her a check.

Preeti gives the check to Vishal. She says for her daughter’s dream, I know you don’t show up, but you love Preeti so much, you want her school to be where Shikha was learning. Takes a huge check and throws it away. Preeti asks what did you do. The check falls into the water. Preeti says it will be fine. The check goes bad. Katie goes to Vishal and slaps him. Vishal asks him to ask his own business. Katie says I don’t tolerate any abuse of women, you cheated, I can force you to pay a fine. Vishal says if you want to save her, I will send her to you. Katie says don’t say bad things about her. Does Vishal ask, she belongs to you. They argue. People stop them. Preeti and her daughter come home.

Preeti sees the check and cares. The girl gets a huge drum and plays. Preeti tells her not to play the drums. Vishal comes and sees this. He shouts for the courage to touch you. He scolded her for breaking up the family. He told her to come out now. She says don’t drive me out of the house, I promise Shikha, I can’t live without PT. He throws her out. The girl cries. Vishal hits her. Nani says I am silent about enduring love because of a small child. Vishal says I can raise my daughter alone, I don’t need others. Love goes and cries. Katie comes over to him and gives him a kerchief. Preeti goes to the temple. She asked Mata Rani a question. Katie comes back and gives a kerchief. She says you came here too. He says yes, what to do, if problems come up again and again in your life, I can’t escape. She grabs Kerchief and asks him to visit. He says, No, I was angry with the Lord. He goes after her. He says let me know if you need help. She says you can’t help me with this, my daughter ran away. He gets water for her. She saw the bruise on her arm. She helps. She asked you to stay close. He says, no, I lost my friend, I’m here to meet him. Preeti says that luck is making you meet me instead of her, it is amazing.

He says I have heard your words, I was passing by, it is not a shame, such things happen between husband and wife. Preeti asks what are you saying. He says your husband is in the discussion. She says he is not my husband. He says you have a daughter, right. She says she’s not my daughter. She tells everything about Shikha. The girl was shocked.

Katie thinks that this means that I hope to be with Preeti and make her happy, this time I will not leave her.

Katie says you’re in love. Nani came and said that Preeti is not in her room. Katie and Preeti save the girl.

Update credit to: Amena