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The episode begins with Katie in the temple. He says the Lord is testing me, I understand now, I am very happy, I want to thank the Lord. Preeti asks what happened suddenly. He says your identity has not been taken away from you, you are…. Nani comes and says that Preeti is not in her room, she doesn’t know where she has gone, Aali, Vishal is also looking for her. Vishal and Preeti called the girl. She told Katie to go. The dogs bark. Little Preeti ran and fell into the pit. Vishal complains about Mohi / Preeti. He says she has taken my daughter. Got a bag of love. The girl calls out to Preeti. Preeti was worried when she saw her in the pit. She asked Katie to save her. Katie says I’m here, don’t worry.

Preeti encourages the girl and tells her not to cry. Katie grabs Preeti’s scarf and tells her to hold it. He pulls the girl upwards. The girl falls behind. He says don’t worry, try again. He grabbed her hand and pulled her up. Preeti hugs the girl and says I will die without you. Katie watches. Preeti thanks him. He leaves them at home. She said you are very hurt. She asked him to show her hand, he is hurt. She helps and ties her double cloth around his arm. She calls him. He says yes, tell me. She thanked him for his help. He says I’ve seen a lot of relationships, weak and strong, but you love this girl so much, I’m seeing this for the first time, I pray that your love will remain the same. He goes

Preeti says he helped us a lot, I didn’t ask his name. The girl says ask him next time we meet. Preeti says the way he helped us today, really God sends his people to help, we go home. The girl refuses. Preeti says Vishal loves you, he cries out with love, come with me. She sees Vishal with the police. Vishal says she is one, she ran away with love. Preeti says no, I was bringing her home. The girl says yes, she saved me. Vishal argues with Preeti. He says arrest Preeti. The girl says leave her, no one will take her, she is really good, she saved me, because of sin I ran away from home, he drove love out of the house, she loves me so much, I love her, he always teases us. The inspector asks if she is telling the truth, you want to get rid of the parents, she should not be grateful for finding your daughter soon, control your anger.

Nani hugged the girl. She asked Preeti to come home. Preeti refused. Vishal asks Preeti to come home with him. Love goes. Why don’t you tell Preeti that she is your wife? Katie says I can’t say anything, she loves that girl. Nani says that Mohi loves love, if Mohi goes you will lose love. Katie says I can’t take that girl away from love, she doesn’t remember us, she’s gotten this relationship over the years. Preity said that Juhi realized that Preity was alive so she went to see her. Juhi goes to meet Preeti. Katie comes over and stops Juhi. Juhi says I want to meet my mother. Katie says we can’t tell her anything.

Katie says I will meet Preeti as a kirtan. Preeti asks Katie his name. He says Kirtan, we will start our friendship anew. They move their hands.

Update credit to: Amena