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Shaadi Mubarak 7 April 2021 Written part, written update on

The episode begins with Katie bringing Juhi home. He says I want to talk to Preeti too, but first thought of talking to her doctor. The doctor says that you did well, that the surgery has caused her mental distress, you should not tell her about the past. Juhi says there will be some way. The doctor says that if we remind Preeti of something we can lose her forever. Katie says that no one will tell Preeti about her past. He thanks the doctor and leaves.

Preeti takes care of her daughter. She says if something happens to you I can’t live, when we lose faith in humanity, we meet angels and we believe in goodness again, that guy always comes to help me, on the other hand, the girl is bothering me, I’m just fine Have to think, the next time I meet him I will ask his name, why am I smiling now? There is a discussion between Katie and Neil. Neil asks if you can stay away and see love, can you be so happy? Katie says I don’t know. Neil says we can’t remind Preeti of the past, you can create new memories, you’re a girl, your magic can work on her. Katie says if she knew I was Katie she wouldn’t talk to me. He says I will create a new place in her life as well as my own. Makes tea for huge love. She thanked him.

She is flashing Katie’s radio show. She says it happens that you want to thank someone, we meet people in life, some people leave soon, but some touch our hearts, they become special, when we look back, that person is not in front, we are in front of that person. Thank you, I have come up with a solution for you, you can call retro color and express your feelings. Preeti thinks it’s a good idea to call him. She calls the radio station and connects to Katie. She says my name is Mohi, I am a big fan of your voice, I have been listening to your program every day since I came to Udaipur. He says you’re too late. She says I have never had a chance before and I want to thank her for saving my daughter. He smiles and says of course, I will play this special song for that special person, be careful. He plays Dil Dia Galan… .. He imagines love and dances with her.

Preeti is watching the girl make a mustache on her grandmother’s face. She smiled. The nanny gets up and asks what did you teach her? Vishal says, well, she’s a little kid, go and wash your face. Preeti thinks something is different. She gets a job call. She asked if I would come now, but now I have some work to do. She ends the call. She says I got a call for an interview. Vishal says I drop Preeti off at school, you can go for an interview, you know we need a job. She said okay, I’ll tell her and I’ll come. He says if you meet her she will cry, I will tell her. She says if she made a mistake, forgive her, I’ll go. She left. The girl got ready and came to call Preeti. Vishal says she’s gone for an interview, I’ll drop you off at school. He is telling her not to be sad, work is also a constraint, you love her very much.

Katie and Neil are on the market. Katie says I won’t listen to you, you won’t help me, I’m already nervous. Neil says we’ll decide that today. Katie says Mohi has arrived. Neil says don’t go after her, wait for the right time, your time will come. A man stops love and asks for his money. She says we’ll pay soon, leave my way. The man is holding her hand and asking I will listen to you, give me my money. Katie goes and stops the man. He turns the man’s hand. Preeti says let him go. Katie says he won’t get his manners. The man says you have called your friend, I will see you soon, I want my money in a week, if I don’t get the money, I’ll take all the stuff from your house.

Preeti said you will always help me but I never asked your name. He says I kirtan. He meets his staff. He says we will work with love again. He asked Preeti to join him in Shaadi Mubarak.

Update credit to: Amena