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The series begins when Permit is happy to see Virat and says if I hadn’t found him he would have died. Virat says I am fine and standing in front of you. Saint Baksh hugs him. Daljit sees. Saint Baksh asks where is Heer? Virat asked who is Heer? Parmeet asks if he is OK? Virat says yes. Parmeet Virat remembered to leave Virat. He asks her if she’s playing again. Virat says this is the test of Heer and my love. You want to stay very long and see if your luck brings you together. He says he wants to go far, where there are no memories of Heer. Saint Baksh asks if he is not joking. Virat says, even if Heer comes in front of me, I will not recognize her. Saint Baksh says we will go to our ancestral home and stay there. He asks who shot you? Daljit says we will ask him later. The saint asks Virat to tell him the reward. Virat says who else, Angel. Saint Baksh got angry. Daljit suffers.

Preeto says that if Heer had known that Saumya was here, she would have run here. Mahi says she didn’t come for me, why would she come for Soumya. She says she’s my daughter. Harak Singh says Heer is our daughter, why don’t you want her back. Preeto says that Mahi has been jealous of Soumya since time immemorial. Soumya tells Preeto to believe in God and lights a lamp in the temple. “I have spent so many years believing in Mother Queen,” she said. I’m sure wherever she is, Mother Queen will protect her. Preeto cries. Soumya said that Heer understands her responsibility and knows that everyone should take care and therefore called her to tell her that she is fine. She said she made the decision thoughtfully and promised to get it back. Harak Singh says I don’t understand why Virat and Heer separated. Soumya says that they love each other, if their love is true then mother queen will never separate them. She says that whenever Herman G and I try to separate, the two of us get back together. Heer is shown praying to God and says that for his safety I have to stay away from my family. Soumya tells Preeto and Haraksingh to believe in the love of Heer and the mother queen. She says they are like two bodies and one soul is like Harman G and me, Mother Queen will never separate them. They say mothers will create new paths for them and they will come together again. She prayed to the mother queen for the protection of the diamond. Everyone stands in the Inas temple and prays for diamonds. Mahi says when I told them I told them gently but they didn’t understand and didn’t understand.

Heer gets a job at home. The manager says that the owners do not live in the house, only the servants live there and you have to manage it and top the house. Heer asks if she can study after working hours. The manager says yes. He tells her to look at the house and says it is the owner’s condition. Soumya tells Preeto that she will go and bring Heer back. Preeto gives her a photo of the diamond. Soumya looks at her with a smile. Preeto tells her to take care. Soumya is sitting in the auto. The shooter chases Soumya on his bike. Auto stop. Soumya stops Jeet and asks her to give him a lift. Jeet asked if it would be a problem to get on his bike. Soumya said she would not have any problem and needed to go to PS immediately. Jeet says I have 24 hours to do my job, and only 2 hours left. He says my job will be easier now and asked her to sit down. Soumya is sitting next to him.

Heer comes in handy with the manager. The manager introduces her to the servants and says she is now the house manager. Only then did he get a call from the landlord’s wife, who says he’s coming tonight. Heer lights the lamp in the inhouse temple. The manager asks the owner if she wants to talk to the home manager. The owner says she can speak later. The manager ends the call and says that we will talk to you after you come here. He says about the condition / agreement that he will not leave the job before 2 years and will have to pay. Heer says she has no family so will stay and work here for 2 years. She signs the contract without reading it.

Jeet sent Soumya to PS. Soumya thanks him. He says my name is Jeet. Soumya says my name is Soumya. Jeet says I’m sorry to meet you and hope I never see you again. Soumya said you speak strangely. Jeet says people forget that life is not reliable, you are alive today and you may not live tomorrow. Sowmya said I don’t understand what you are saying and says that I think you met me today and you are planning to kill me the next day. As Saraswati fulfills the word, he tells her to be wise with her word. Soumya says I will wait for that day and go. Jeet goes to the side of the tree and builds his rifle. Soumya Angel is seen coming out of the PS. The angels greet her. Jeet is aiming mildly and hides when he sees the constable coming there. The fairy said your daughter is alive. Soumya asks who told you. Angel says the DSP told me and accused me of attempting to murder Virat and Heer. She says Virat lied about me. Angel aims Jim towards Soumya. Lawyers come there. The angel tells him to go. She said she had attacked them at the hospital and since then she had not been attacked as she was in lock-up. Saint Baksh says you spoke right. He comes to Soumya. Jeet finds him on target and stays out of his sight. He then aimed his shotgun at the other side. The angels sign to come to their lawyer. Soumya asks Saint Baksh, did he visit Virat? Saint Baksh says that Virat is fine and he doesn’t know about that shemale. He says they changed and she doesn’t want to see the family again. She asks him to understand that Heer is scared just as he was worried about Virat. She asked him to tell her where the giant was found, in which hospital, so that they could find the diamond. He says many people are worried about Kinner and ask her to write. Soumya writes the address of the hospital. Jeet shot at her. Only then did Sowmya bend down to take a photo of the fallen diamond. The bullet hit the criminal record board on the wall. Sant Baksh asked the inspector and constable who he had shot. Soumya says who can shoot on PS. Saint Baksh says the attack was on you, if you had not bent, the bullet would have hit you. Soumya thinks that Heer has saved her life by looking at the movie today.

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