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Haraksingh and the other men returned home. Haraksingh asks Prito who calls her ‘Buddha’. He dances. Rohan and others join in. Preeto also starts dancing with Haraksingh. Rohan brings Simran in and dances with her. Jeet made sure that no one came into the kitchen. He spread the oil on the floor and placed the vertical spoon in the nearby glasses, hoping it would slip and fall on the knife. Soumya is going to the kitchen, but Mahi stops her and asks her to dance with the members of the house. Jeet comes out and tells Mahila to send Soumya to the kitchen. He has set a trap. Mahi says how can she do that. He reminds her that she lost everything because of Soumya. Mild comes and takes Mahi to dance. Mahi acts dizzy. Soumya asks if she should bring lemon water? Mahi says yes. Soumya walked towards the kitchen. She slides on the oil and screams. Preeto and others crowded into the kitchen. They saw a soft floor. Mahi looks at Jit. Winning smiles. But soon after Soumya wakes up, his smile disappears. She tells the members of the household to stay back, there is oil. Rohan helps her stand up. Harak Singh asked what happened. Soumya closes the windows and doors and tells Simran to go. They come out. Soumya said someone tried to attack her. Luckily she saw the knives before they fell and moved them with her hands. Rohan says all the windows are closed. Soumya says the attacker is in the house. Jeet asked if she was OK. She saw oil marks on Jita’s hands and clothes, but quietly.

Parmeet raises her hand to Heer but Heer interrupts him and says that only her family can raise her hand towards her. She asks the girls if they can go inside, they want some privacy. The girls leave. Heer told Parmeet what she should know first before laying her hands on her. Parmeet may be thinking that Heer is back in Virat’s life, but the truth is that she is just working. Virat is bothering her. He just told her to test whether those girls were right for him. If she wants to be slapped, she should slap Virat. Parmeet asks Virat if it is true. He said yes. Parmeet slaps him and reminds him of his promise. She tells him that if she wants to stay with that shemale, she can. But don’t make a play there. Today, Heer grabbed her (Paramit’s) hand .. He interrupts and tells Parmeet that she was the one who raised her hand. Parmeet is surprised and says he will take the diamond now? He tells her that he will marry the girl he loves, but only the person who spends time with her can tell if the girl is his type. What’s wrong if he tells Heer to choose a girl? Their ways are different. Heer tells Virat that this is why he has left her … so he can be happy with his family and she too can live in peace. She pleaded not to bother him.

The next day, Heer and Soumya are ready. They both pray. Heer says she is not feeling well, but since it is the first day of Navratri, she is sure to go to the temple. She thinks something big is going to happen today. On this day the Goddess listens to everyone’s wishes. She wants to pray for the happiness of Virat and her family. Soumya, on the other hand, said she would pray for her diamond and her family.

Soumya comes out and prays with Preeto. After the prayer, she sees Jitla and loudly tells Prito that there is a Durga Mala Jatra and many people come there. She is also going there to pray for Heer. In the flashback, Soumya informs Prito that Jeet is the attacker, but she needs to grab the red hand and for that she needs to go to the fair. Preeto is worried for her, but she has already informed the police, they say.

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