Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 31st March 2021 Written Episode Update: Ahir contacts Anokhi – Telly Updates

Story of Valor and Unique March 31, 2021 Written Part, Updated Written by

As Tej started the episode, Shaurya told about the girl, Shagun also had these things. The goddess says, yes, Shagun and Shaurya were getting married, he was going to talk about Shagun, now I get it, Shagun and Anokhi are alike, maybe he sees Shogun in Anokhi, it means he loves Shagun and she wants her in her life. Shaurya says I don’t like the unique. Kanchan teases him. The goddess says it cannot be like a unique omen. Shourie said that Anokhi likes Ahir. Kanchan says others may think you are unique. Tej says we were not happy with Shagun’s decision, she is out of here. The goddess says we will come inside her, we will do our best for bravery.

Shawn thinks of the words of faith. He says I know bravery well. He asks Gayatri about the bravery. Kitty and Bebo talk about bravery and omens. Bebo says the goddess will decide her marriage. Comes to meet the precious Bebo. She tells him to go. He says Kitty knows me. Bebo says yes, but hide somewhere. He says this is not a good plan. Kitty asks why you open the window, the AC is on. Bebo says I wanted fresh air, I have a headache, go and get medicine for me. Kitty goes. Bebo tells Anmol to go now. She smiled.

The light teased Ahir about the unique. Ahir thinks unique and laughs. Valor looks unique in the student. Anokhi sees him. Rima smiles. Shaurya looks at Kanchan and says his amazing surprise, come on. Kanchan Pahe is unique. She says you forgot to call me, I got an email from the committee. He says yes, you get the idea. She says I work hard to make the fest the best it can be. He says, yes, you are well planned, I am here, you are guiding others. She says her focus is somewhere these days. He says no. She says I always came for the fest, the one who caught your attention, met me uniquely. Shaurya says no. The unique me and my soil suggests an Indian theme. Kanchan and Shaurya love her ideas. Kanchan says his final. Shaurya says that we should give equal opportunity to others. Kanchan says I think the idea is the best. Unique smiles. Shaurya says that we are deciding to celebrate Holi before the festival. Anokhi got a call from Ahir. She says sorry and attends the call.

Shaurya says I have promised you all a meal. The girl says we will go Chinese. Shaurya okay, we will go to a Chinese restaurant. Anokhi goes back and says sorry, I didn’t hear what you said. He says your focus is on the phone, you find your way. He goes Kanchan stops him and says we should have told her, yours
The choice is good, the way you talked to her was wrong. Kanchan doesn’t tell him to quarrel with Anokhi at dinner. She jokes and goes. Anokhi says I will not go. Rima said let’s go, the restaurant is good, Shaurya invited everyone. Anokhi says I will not go.

When Ahir speaks, he speaks uniquely. She laughs. He says I’m coming to see you. What does she ask He says I will meet you and talk to you. Everyone meets for dinner. Anmol and Kitty sit together. Bravery comes. He gets flowers. They ask who it is. He says that a boy gave it to me on the way, I am thinking of giving these flowers to a unique team, let’s ask for something. He finds unique and Rima. Maya did not say, they did not come.

Valor puts flowers. Anokhi loves flowers. Shagun comes in front of Shaurya’s car.

Update credit to: Amena