Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 3rd April 2021 Written Episode Update: Shaurya’s emotional side – Telly Updates

Story of Valor and Unique 3 April 2021 Written Part, Updated on

The episode bravely begins to give the unique a yellow rose. He makes excuses. He says a girl gave it to me, I took it from her, you thought it was right. She says no one knows what you think and what you think, what happened to you today, how you talked to Ahir in the restaurant. Shaurya asks why he comes after you, what happens to you, you also go after him, I don’t like him either, I get angry when I see him. He says we didn’t think of the people there. He says I got flowers for the shiny team, people have feelings, you didn’t come.

She says I asked you about it, you didn’t tell me anything, if you told me so I would have come for dinner, but you ignored me. He asks how can I ignore you? She says I thought you didn’t want me to come for lunch, who knows your attitude will hurt me, I won’t think about you anymore, you’ll do something, you’ll be upset, you’ll go the wrong way, I’m going my wrong way, I’m wrong Went to the same restaurant, I had to thank Ahir for returning my luggage. He says I don’t like him, I want you to stay away from him. She asks what you are trying to say. He says don’t miss me. She says I don’t want to talk to you. She calls Bubbly.

Anmol meets Bebo and asks her to meet him. She says we are both not ready for commitment. He says I’ll give you time if you want. Gayatri says the goddess had gone to meet someone. The goddess gets sweets. Gayatri asks if there is any celebration today. The goddess says that if we are happy, we can celebrate. Gayatri asks did you choose a girl for bravery? The goddess says I don’t know when this will happen, be patient, I will tell you when the time comes. Anokhi calls Astha and says I am the fest head, my idea has been selected for the fest. Astha says you will be proud of your organization and family, how brave you are. Anokhi says he still is. Anokhi asks will you come to the fest? Asthane asked if Shaan had told you that? Unique said no, come on. Astha says I can’t come, someone has come to the door, I’ll talk to you later. Unique comes to her hostel. She got a call from Bubbly. She says I have become the head of the festival, you should guide me. Bubbly says I will guide, but not today. Unique OK, but call me soon. Bubbly sees a job interview ad. Vineet’s mother comes and asks who she is talking to. Bubbly says bank call, I have to go to the market. Vineet’s mother told her to come early. Bubbly asks if I can get ice cream for you. Vineet’s mother is fine, go early and come soon.

Asks unique students to listen to her. Anmol asked Bebo to meet her at midnight. They chat. Sees valor. Works uniquely and does not speak in a normal tone. Students ask her to speak normally and insult her. Unique says thank God, you paid attention. She said that you have to go and register your name today, one teacher will be appointed in each committee. Students go for registration. Bravery comes. He says, well, I saw how you handled the situation, very nice, innovative, students should learn from you. She wonders how soon his mood will change. Rima says we should call choreographers to teach students dance. Shaurya asks if anyone needs help with notes? Anokhi says, no, I’m enough, my older sister is the best of these things, she had organized many such celebrations in her college. She goes.

Shaurya calls Anokhi. She doesn’t answer. He was stunned to see Shagun in front of the car.

Update credit to: Amena