Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 5th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Shaurya longs for Anokhi – Telly Updates

Story of Valor and Unique 5 April 2021 Written Part, Updated on

The beginning of the episode uniquely makes me wonder why I am brave. She says I should focus on the study. Valor calls her. Anokhi says I will forgive him, Ahir told him a lot today. She sees his call. She says why did he call me, what should I say, did he understand that I was thinking of calling him, is he thinking the same? She does not answer the call. He says what’s wrong with her, I’ll give her a message. She checks his message, please speak. He gets angry and says she’s ignoring me, what’s wrong with me, why am I angry now.

Goddess asks where are you? Shaurya says I have come for some work, I will come. She says don’t be late. He thinks of trying again. He says there is no point in calling her now. Anokhi says I should call him once, no… it starts to rain. Seeing Shagun in front of the car, Shaurya was amazed. He finds her. The omen goes. Unique calls him. He goes back to his car. His car fell down. He gets more angry. Anokhi calls Bubbly and says why is it raining today. Bubbly says the rain has surprised. Anokhi says that if something happens unopposed, it bothers us. Bubbly says it all depends on our thoughts, I gave three interviews today, I was denied that I didn’t complete the study, I was angry at myself. Anokhi says Baba left you to study, don’t worry. Bubbly says I have to accept defeat. Anokhi says, talk to Vicky, he will help you, we need a DJ at the college fest, talk to him. Bubbly says okay, I’ll call him tomorrow. Vineet comes and gets angry. Bubbly disconnects. Anokhi said I will talk to her tomorrow. Vineet slapped Babli. She lies to him. He asked her to serve food. She says I didn’t make a meat dish today. He gets angry. She says I didn’t get a new mutton today, you can call the store and ask. He says you made my mood worse. She says I have made your fave paneer makhani, I will make lachcha paratha for you. He goes

Shagun says we will have a proper meeting with him. Goddess says no, I know him well, he won’t talk about it openly. Shagun says, I also ask Om Devi what is bothering you. Shagun says my old memories were refreshed. You are saying that you and Shaurya should understand the feelings about each other. Shagun says, yes, he was stunned and got out of the car to see me. Anokhi says who has come, maybe Rima. She opens the door. Shaurya enters and closes the door. She is shocked.

He starts to hit her. He says I wanted to enter the girls’ hostel like a thief at night, why didn’t you answer my call, if anyone saw me it would be your fault, you forced me to come here, you didn’t choose me. She asks how you got there, no one stopped you. He sneezes. She sneezes out loud, everyone will know about you. He says I think I’ll play cold. She says get out of here before anyone finds out. Shagun says I don’t treat him well, I want to talk. The goddess says you are in their mind. Shagun says yes, but he could have called me and asked when I came. The goddess says she doesn’t show her feelings, she’s been like that since childhood, we have to admit it. Shagun says I’m not sure. The goddess says I am sure, I am great in anger and experience, have a little patience, you will be happy all your life, why ask, because bravery will be yours. Shagun says I hope so. The goddess certainly says.

Shaurya says I will not leave without doing my job. Come at your rate. Sports… He sneezes. She said I will get a towel for you. She helps him dry his hair. They have one eye.

Valor is unconscious. Unique bravery tells to open eyes. She says I’m very sad, I love you so much. Devi says something is going wrong with Shaurya, call the police Tejla. Ahir comes to meet Anokhi.

Update credit to: Amena